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Launch Out!

By Lin Pearson

    A tranquil and safe harbor is a delight to the eye and a haven for tired sailors. But the boats moored there will be of little use if they remain.

    Someone has written, “A ship in harbor is safe: but that is not what ships are built for.”

    I think the writer was trying to say something about people, too. It is easy to be satisfied with familiar surroundings and activities and never rise to new challenges. The safe and predictable are often more appealing than risking the unknown.

    It is the same in the Christian life. The peace and security given by assurance of salvation are comforting. But God did not design us to stay complacently in the harbor. We are saved to serve Him (Matt. 28:19). It may mean moving out from the comfortable and familiar to “risk” the rejection and aggression of those you go to. But the Master will not leave you (Matt. 28:20). He designed you and made you and will not take you into seas too stormy (1 Cor. 10:13).

    – From Life Indeed.