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Fasting Adds Power To Prayer

By John Wesley

    There is something remarkable about the way in which God revived His work in these parts. A few months ago, the generality of the people in this circuit were exceedingly lifeless. Perceiving this, Samuel Meggot advised the Society at Barnard Castle to observe every Friday with fasting and prayer. The very first Friday they met together, God broke in upon them in a wonderful manner, and His work has been increasing among them ever since.

    The neighboring Societies heard of this, agreed to follow the same rule, and soon experienced the same blessing. Is not the neglect of this plain duty – I mean fasting – ranked by our Lord with almsgiving and prayer, one general occasion of deadness among Christians? Can any one willingly neglect it and be guiltless? (Matt. 6:1-18).

    – Wesley’s Journal, 1763