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Blessed Exchange

    We need never worry if we accept God's simple plan of exchange. This is true today, even when most people have more temptation to be anxious and to worry than ever before. Times have changed – but God has not changed; the One through whom He meets all our needs is "the same yesterday, and today, and forever."

    That young Scottish preacher who knew the Lord so well before he was taken Home to be with Him, George C. MacGregor, put the matter very plainly when he said: "Jesus Christ is able to deal with our cares; but it is important for us to notice how He deals with them. He deals with them as He deals with our sins – by taking them upon Himself. He bids us cast all our cares upon Him. That is the open secret of peace, the open secret of complete and continuous victory over this cruel enemy.  

    "When we cast all our sins upon Christ, there is no sin upon us, and so we enjoy pardon; when we cast all our care upon Christ, there is no care upon us, and so we enjoy peace. If we keep the cares we cannot have the peace; if we cast the cares we cannot help having the peace."

    Have you made this blessed exchange?

    – From Sunday School Times.