Save Our Homes – Save Our Nation!

    There is a floodtide of iniquity sweeping over society today. It stems from the rebellion against God in the Garden of Eden. Gathering momentum through the centuries, it reaches proportions today which threaten the very survival of mankind.

    The existence of God in this once God-fearing nation, is denied by influential men and women in places of leadership in the government, in business and professions, and in education. The Bible is rejected as authority. The restraints of God’s moral laws are thrown off. Humanism’s exaltation of man has been adopted and with it, man’s claim to freedom to do as he pleases, being accountable to no absolute authority.

    It is men and women with such beliefs who have removed prayer and the Bible from the schools. They have carried to extremes the separation of church and state until many just and moral standards which made our nation strong and noble, have been eliminated. Removing these safeguards which God gave mankind has resulted in a crumbling of law and order. It has created a situation in which crime is rampant, and safety and security are largely a thing of the past. It has made way for injustice, violence and brutality to become commonplace.

    The depth to which our nation is plummeting is illustrated by happenings in a quiet, country community which has been rocked twice in the past year by brutal murders. In the first one, the murderer was found to be all-American type high school boy, honor student and student body officer. “He’s not that kind of person!” shocked fellow students gasped in disbelief. But he was found guilty.

    Only months later the community was horrified again as a lovely Christian girl was found murdered in her home. Evidence points to a girl about her age as being involved in the murder.

    In another above-average rural community, a public meeting was announced to discuss the gravity of the local drug abuse problem. It gathered the mayor, police officers and other city officials along with interested citizens. It was agreed that the drug problem was out of hand. The meeting ended with some ideas to implement but with the general feeling that the answer had not been found.

    This is in the heart of America. This is not in the city with its ghettos and gangs. Of the cities, in which David Wilkerson works, “Our own magazines have declared them to be Western ‘Beiruts’ or war zones. Crack is tearing them apart. New York City is becoming unlivable. A murder occurs every five hours, a crime every 20 seconds.”

    A new policy in the state of California implemented by the State Board of Education, bans the teaching of creationism in science classes as a theory of origins, because it is based on “religious beliefs.” This is a clear dismissal of the first chapters of the Bible. It is a sample of the further pushing of God and the Bible out of schools. As God and the Bible are pushed out, floods of vandalism, thievery, assault, rape, drug abuse, murder and the like move in.

    The sex education introduced into many schools is giving children and young people more than they were intended to cope with. It is not proving a restraining force to illicit sex. It is inciting to it. It is robbing a noble gift of God of its sacredness.

    The growth of the pornographic industry into a billion dollar industry illustrates the greed for money at the expense of the good of fellow mankind. It has been proven repeatedly that pornography contributes to sexual abuse of women. Pornography has grabbed many young men and shoved them into a life of sin that has landed them in prison and in hell. Yet the pornography business grows.

    There has been a great upsurge in our nation of the occult, witchcraft and Satanism. Law officials are increasingly finding remains of sacrifices made to Satan, mostly animal sacrifices, but some human.

The Home Under Attack

    The home and family – the strategic heart of a nation – have suffered tragic erosion from the above. They have also suffered other direct attacks from the one who incited rebellion in the first family in the Garden of Eden. God’s plan of marriage until death parts has been overruled in hundreds of thousands of homes. The result is many brokenhearted mates and brokenhearted children with fragmented lives. Some of these children wrestle with a burden of guilt, mistakenly feeling they are somehow to blame for the breakup. Their young hearts may be filled with hatred and unforgiveness. In frustration and disillusionment, some turn to drugs or even to suicide.

    There is increasing child abuse in the home. Children sexually molested may bear the marks for many years. There is also the blatant, willful murder through abortion of millions of little lives that God has created in the cradle of the mother’s womb.

    Couples living together without taking the sacred vows of marriage to commit themselves one to another-has become commonplace. And what of homosexuality that strikes against marriage as God meant it to be? Increasingly it is protected and respected in direct disobedience to God’s Word. Many who indulge, knowing full well its contribution to the growing AIDS catastrophe, show their utter selfishness by refusing to give up their sinful life style to help preserve those who will be innocently infected.

    Incited by feminists, many mothers have unnecessarily left the home and exchanged the loving care they could be giving young families for careers to add to their self-esteem and independence. Children left to themselves too much are falling prey to sinful practices and habits at a young age when they could easily be guided by supervising parents into wholesome activities.

    Ungodly television has dragged immoral and violent scenes into the family room of the homes where it is not carefully monitored. It spews out profanity for little ears to hear and little lips to repeat.

    There is not only absence of that which is godly and Christian in many aspects of society. But there is that which is clearly anti-Christian and anti-God. There is ridicule for those who believe the Bible. There is derision for those who love and worship God and Christ Jesus.

    The New Age religion is gaining momentum and gathering a following rapidly. It is insidiously slipping into the educational world and into the business and professional world and even into the Church. New Age uses many Christian terms but they have different meanings than they do to the real Christian. New Age sees god in everything and believes even man has the god force within him.

Revival for Survival

    This is the dismal picture in the world around us. The very survival of our nation is at stake! If we do not destroy ourselves, the righteous judgments of God will bring this nation down.

    How sad are the words, “No hope!” But they need not be said if God’s people will humble themselves and pray and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways (2 Chron. 7:14). If God’s people will do this, there is hope as bright as the mercy and grace of God.

    The home is the basic and beloved unit of society in God’s plan. Revival in the homes of a land will have a profound effect on the nation. Whether revival begins in the home or whether it begins in the church and spreads to the home, let parents everywhere make revival in their family a matter of highest priority. Let them say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:19).

    Today’s perilous conditions should sound a shrill alarm in the hearts of Christian parents. Not only have parents the responsibility of their own eternal souls-but a responsibility also for the souls of those whom they have brought into this world, children perhaps dearer to them than their own lives.

    Let those parents who want revival in their home get on their knees individually and together. Let them allow God to search their hearts by His Word and by His Spirit and show them any sin that may have lodged there. If there is real repentance, that sin will be evicted from their lives and from their homes, even if it means plucking out the eye or cutting off the hand (Matt. 5:29-30).

    Oh that Jesus Christ might be made Lord of the life and of the home! His holy Word must be the ruling authority, to be humbly and gladly obeyed. There should be earnest effort to be “filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:18) and to “walk in the Spirit” all the time (Gal. 5:16). This will bring the blessed fruits of the Spirit into the home and make it the very vestibule of heaven.  his will strengthen the family members in the inner life and make them able to withstand the pressures outside the home that would drag them to destruction (Eph. 3:16).

    Every effort should be made to lovingly win the children to Jesus Christ and to help them be filled with the Holy Spirit. Their understanding will be much less complete than the parents and their steps more faltering, but with Christ in their lives, they come under the blessed promises of God to be kept (Jude 24).

    Parents must guard the harmony of the home. Satan will interject dissention if allowed to do so. This will divide the home over issues inconsequential in comparison to the matter of soul survival in an hour like this.

    Single parent homes have special difficulties. The parent may be already overloaded in an effort to provide both motherly love and fatherly care and to singlehandedly tend to the responsibilities of the home, in many cases earning the living. How can time be made for the spiritual when other phases of the family make such demands on the time, energy and thought? That parent must seek for the special grace of God for his or her situation and determine to do the best. God can give wisdom sufficient to keep priorities right if there is humble dependence upon Him. Christian homes should make these homes an object of loving prayer.

    In great difficulty also are the homes where an unbelieving companion openly opposes the efforts of the Christian to make Christ Lord of the home. Here also God’s great mercy and grace must be sought. The believer may have to sacrifice and endure much. Maintaining the loving attitude that attests to the reality of Christ in the heart will make entrance for God to work in the home and break down the opposition.

    If getting and maintaining revival in our homes seems to disruptive of our comfortable lifestyle, if it seems more demanding that we are willing to yield to, let us remember that in time of literal warfare, parents and children together make great sacrifices. When it is a case of survival, no price is too great to pay. This is our situation today. Are we willing to pay the price?