Success In Old Age

By Julia A. Shelhamer

    “They shall bring forth fruit in old age” (Psa. 92:14).

    Many elderly people are possessed with rare gifts and graces which were never there when young. Experience and age have endowed them with a capacity for blessing the world that youth cannot possess, but there are some hindrances which we wish to mention.

    The greatest hindrance to success in old age is a lack of Divine Grace. Either it was never possessed, or it was gradually left. Without this there is no foundation for success. As the years advance one should grow in grace, and the witness of the Spirit should increase. It is an awful thing to think of an old person going into eternity unprepared to meet God.

    Reader, if you know of an unsaved aged person, do your best to lead him to Christ, for it is next to impossible for him to find peace with God without the help of others.

    There are two graces in particular that are necessary to success: proper tongue control and forgiveness. Martin Luther said, “My soul is too great to be the enemy of any man.” T. DeWitt Talmadge said, “I do not want to leave this world until I have taken vengeance upon every man who ever did me a wrong – by doing him a kindness.”

    God has certain elixirs of youth. One of these He gives to a person when he forgives another. The devil has no happy old people but “the path of the just is as the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day” (Prov. 4:18).

Lack of Opportunity

    If you have missed God’s first program for your life, confess your mistake and trust Him to give you another – a Divine commission for service in your latter days, a plan that will stir the world for Christ.

    Learn to pray. Learn to prevail with God for everything and everybody. It is your privilege to so wrestle with Him in secret prayer that all of your dear ones shall be saved. Do not excuse your spiritual laziness and lack of soul burden by saying that “in the Lord’s own good time He will bring them in.” Rather say with Jacob in his night of intercessory prayer, “I will not let thee go except thou bless me.” You may thus be the power behind God’s throne in helping save a world.

    – Condensed.