Do We Want A Revival?

By W. C. Moore

    Yes, O yes, I know full well that we talk much about the need of a revival and the very great benefits and blessings that would result therefrom. Yes, we exhort one another to pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit. But, do we really want a revival? That is the question.

    Are we willing to pay a reasonable price for a revival? Or are we simply in the attitude of being perfectly willing to see a revival if God will send one? Do we want a revival more than we want anything else?

    The devil will never forsake his guns long enough for us to get under the revival showers unless and until somebody or some several of us stir ourselves up – get desperately in earnest, and determine by God’s grace that we will have a revival.

    If we want God to come down, we must meet HIS conditions and ASK (without fainting) for Him to come down.

Give Yourself a Burden of Prayer

    “I cannot pray because the Lord has not given me a burden,” someone says. But Jesus says, “PRAY ALWAYS” (Luke 21:36). So there is something wrong with us if we do not have a spirit of prayer. Jesus never tells us to do impossible things. He tells us to “Look on the fields…white…to harvest.” Certainly we can do that. We can look at the awful conditions in the church and in the world. Then in Luke 10:2 the Lord says, “The harvest…is great…PRAY.”

    The church of God needs a revival. Are we going to sit around “at ease in Zion” waiting for God to do for us what He has told US to do? God forbid. Suppose Jacob had waited for God to give him some peculiar feeling before he got desperate in prayer as Esau came toward him. In Genesis 32 we see that Jacob put the promises of God alongside his own need of help and the Lord mightily undertook for him.

    God tells us to ASK (Matt. 7:7). When Nehemiah heard of the desolation of Jerusalem, he went to God in prayer about it. He loved God’s cause and he fasted and prayed UNTIL GOD ANSWERED. Oh, let us give ourselves to prayer as did the disciples (Acts 6:4).

    We can have a revival – but we must go after it and expect God to answer prayer – and we must keep at it until God answers and pours out His Spirit. Praise the Lord!