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Do What You Can't!

    Have you noticed how Christ called upon the man with a withered arm to stretch forth his hand for healing? (Mark 3:1-5). He was asked to do the one thing he couldn't do. The shriveled thing had mocked him for years. Strange to say, he raised it immediately. The very endeavor to obey the word of Christ brought the power to obey. Had he said: "I can't," he would have gone to his grave a cripple.

    Here is a vital truth for all of us. Does Christ seem to ask us to do what we can't do? If we would but take the first step to obey, we would find that strength and means would come. His commands are His enablements. There is an epitaph on a woman's tombstone in England: "She hath done what she couldn’t." That ought to be a Christian distinction. Anyone can do the humanly possible, but a Christian who moves in obedience to the Lord ought to be able to do exploits for Him.

    F. B. Meyer said: "You do not test the resources of God until you attempt the impossible."

    Friend, if God has spoken to you, DARE TO ACT. You will find His enabling.