"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Is Revival Really Possible?

By E. L. Langston

    Today is one of the most solemn hours in the history of the world. It is a cataclysmic hour. We are confronted with the possibility of the breakdown of world civilization and wholesale devastation in all countries.

    We must realize the solemnity of the days in which we live, and that we seem to be living in the very last days! Therefore, let us come to the cross of Calvary, and there confess our sins, and claim His forgiveness and cleansing, for only those who have come to Jesus Christ thus can be ready for His appearing.

    For those of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ, He is speaking to us with no uncertain sound, urging us to "buy up the opportunities" and organize ourselves to pray and work that our personal influence may be as effective as possible. We must use all our energies in seeking with passionate earnestness the souls of those who are not ready for the things that seem likely to come to pass shortly! Thus we shall be ready, waiting, watching and working – and shall not be "ashamed at His appearing!"

    Is revival really possible? Without question the greatest need of the nations and of the church of God is a mighty spiritual awakening. So far as we can see from a close study of the Word of God this age will end in the way in which it began – with revival and judgment, with outpoured blessing and outpoured wrath! We must never forget that our God is governing the nations of this world by well-defined and clear principles, principles which never vary.

    Surely we are not wrong in expecting that in the short time that now remains to the church of God on this earth we may experience a new manifestation of the presence and power of God.