"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Undefiled Thoughts

By Helen B. Brink

    Among other things involved in loving God with all the mind or intellect, Adam Clarke says, is banishing "from the understanding and memory every useless, foolish and dangerous thought, together with every idea which has any tendency to defile the soul or turn it for a moment from the center of eternal response."

    One of Satan's favorite devices to "frustrate, the grace of God" in the soul is to bring into the mind thoughts of evil.

    How are evil thoughts to be banished and the soul kept in perfect peace? For years I struggled against evil thoughts. I argued with Satan that they were not mine but his. At times I was tormented with fear that perhaps I had thought evil of others, especially of God's children. God gave the victory at length, but the process was confusing and painful.

    Now I have learned to turn to God at once with words such as these, "Lord, I will not accept such a thought"; or, "My God, I refuse to be tormented with these ideas. They come from Satan."

    At once my soul is at rest, and filled with tender sweetness toward God and toward my fellow men, no matter what they may have done or said, or may not have done or said, to give occasion for the thoughts which might defile my soul with hardness or bitterness.

    God overcomes the Evil One and keeps our mind in the peace of God that passeth all understanding.