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God Works In Answer To Prayer

By F. F. Bosworth

    God's working in answer to prayer is illustrated in the following brief report of the Irish revival of 1859.

    These people in the north of Ireland had never seen a revival and hardly knew how to pray, but they were tired of the hard labor of trying to save souls without an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They longed for a divine influence to be sent down from heaven, a breathing upon the slain that they might live (Ezek. 37:9).

    Some of them wanted this so badly that they agreed to pray for it. Never having seen anything of the kind, many were tempted to doubt and give up. At one time the meeting for prayer was so far reduced in numbers that only two came together to call upon the name of the Lord. They continued to pray, and by degrees the little company increased until it became two bands. They wrestled on until they prevailed with God.

    Then the power of God came down like a mighty tornado, and swept one town after another in a way almost unparalleled in history. Those who knew nothing of the prayer that preceded it supposed that it was the sovereign power of God working without human instrumentality, but the instrumentality was the prevailing prayers of those earnest souls.