"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Battlefield Of Prayer

By Sarah Foulkes Moore

    In the world today there is only one real battlefield. It is the battlefield of prayer. What Christianity needs to make it militantly aggressive is a vision of this battlefield of prayer! Our endeavor is to mobilize Christian forces on this battlefield to intercede for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon every mission field and upon every continent of the world.

    The world today is full of atheism, corruption, immorality and vice. This will result in a visitation of God's wrath if we do not arm ourselves now to pray until a revival of repentance and righteousness is poured out upon us.

    Today's conditions are within our power to change through prayer and fasting. But our churches are filled with prayerless Christians! Our prayerlessness makes us both powerless and passionless.

    "If we cannot pray, we can fast. Fasting quickens to prayer. No one can pray effectively on a full stomach. A body surfeited with overeating is unfit for prayer. Headaches and other symptoms encountered in the beginning of the fasted life must be patiently endured until the body has been purified by fasting. Then the Holy Spirit is freed to pray through us, and prayer to which fasting is added is doubly potent. Whole-souled fasting-prayer removes impotency from prayer. Prayer is not only words. Prayer is the soul's desire reaching up to God.

    In fasting, there will be bodily suffering and spiritual depression at the time. But afterwards, if the fast is wisely broken, there is a power in prayer obtainable in no other way.