"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Another Walk Through The Herald Office

By Rich Carmicheal

    About five years ago, this ministry purchased a building to serve as the new Herald office. Shortly after that, I invited readers to join me for a "tour" of the building as I described the layout and the work done in the various rooms. Since we have just completed work on an addition, and since there are some changes in the way we use the original part, I invite you to join me again for a walk through the building. Along the way, I will invite you to join us in praise and thanksgiving for the Lord’s goodness toward this ministry, and also to join us in prayer for various needs.

The Foyer

    As you come into the building from the east through the front door you enter a small foyer. Hopefully, you already feel blessed since we pray that everyone who enters the building senses the presence and the peace of the Lord. We thank the Lord that even in these few short years since moving to this location, we have had the opportunity to greet in this foyer several Herald International editors, people from various companies, and some of you dear friends who were able visit, as well as other friends and family. Although I do this through the printed page, I extend the sincerest greetings of the Herald staff to you now in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank Him for you and for the opportunity to join our hearts together with yours through this ministry.

    In the foyer there are at least five items of particular significance. In front of you is a small plaque with the name "Jesus," a reminder of the One who is our Lord and Savior, and the One whose return we eagerly await! Also in front of you is a small plaque with "Shalom" ("Peace") written in both Hebrew and English. As you may know, "Shalom" carries the idea of peace and wholeness in the Lord, and we certainly desire that for every one associated with this ministry. On your right on a small table you will see the current issue of the Herald together with a copy of Right Choice, the ministry’s main salvation paper. We rejoice to be able to publish and distribute revival and salvation literature, reaching out to both the Church and the lost! To your left is a rack holding copies of the various Herald International editions. Of course, our hearts overflow with appreciation for all of you who pray and offer financial support so that the Lord’s message through the Herald can go out in over 20 different languages. You will also notice on the wall to your left a framed copy of Psalm 121, given to us by a Herald friend to remind us that our "help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth" and that He watches over our "coming and going both from now and forevermore." Our hearts overflow with appreciation to the Lord for His provision, protection, presence and anointing!

Lois Stucky’s Office

    As we walk through the foyer, I’ll take you through a doorway on the left into Lois Stucky’s office. Lois has worked with the ministry since 1960, and had the opportunity to work with Brother and Sister Moore (founders of this ministry) for a number of years. When Brother Moore’s health prevented him from continuing his work as editor, he passed the mantle of editorship to Lois. We rejoice in the Lord for her faithfulness to this responsibility. Please uphold our dear sister in prayer as she begins to feel more of the impact of advancing years, and as she seeks the Lord regarding His will for her in this season of her life. We are thankful for her service and how the Lord continues to work through her month after month in the selection and editing of articles for the Herald.

    Her office is not very big, but Lois uses the space very efficiently. She also shares this room with the staff each morning (and on other occasions) as we meet around her table for devotions and to seek the Lord’s direction, anointing and provision. We are also blessed to take time each morning to pray for Herald International editions and for the various prayer requests we receive from readers. We are thankful to know that as we pray for you, many of you pray for us.

    Lois also shares her office as a meeting place for Herald board meetings. Please continue to thank the Lord with us for the leadership that Dave and Kim Butts provide as President and Vice-President of this ministry. Please uphold them in prayer in this work, as well as their work with Harvest Prayer Ministries and other responsibilities including Dave’s work as Chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee. Kim is also presently working on a master’s degree and will appreciate your prayers.

Christine Ludlow’s Office

    Next I’ll take you back into the foyer and through another doorway into Christine Ludlow’s office. Her office is the biggest office, but she graciously allows us to use some of the space to store envelopes and other supplies. Her desk faces the front door allowing her to see and be the first to greet those who come into the building. Her responsibilities are varied and include reading and responding to mail received from readers outside the United States, updating the mailing database with new names and addresses received through the Herald website, helping in the mail room, and contacting volunteers to help prepare mailings. She also keeps the coffee pots filled for the volunteers!

The Mailing Department

    As we step back into the foyer and through the doorway to the north, we enter a large room that we have divided into four main areas. The first area includes the copy machine that we use to produce quantities of various Herald letters and newsletters. We also have the "yellow table" here that we used to use for morning devotions, but now use for various tasks including labeling the envelopes for readers who receive 2 to 50 copies of the Herald each month.

    Just to the north of this area is the mailing department where special requests for Heralds, Classic Books, Herald newsletters, and other literature are packaged for mailing. One day a month, about 4 or 5 men (volunteers) work in this area filling boxes of Heralds. On the other days, different staff members work here to help fill the various requests from readers. Mail for U.S. readers is metered here for delivery through the Post Office, and mail for readers outside the U.S. is packaged for mailing through DHL Global Mail or Broker’s Worldwide. As shipping costs have increased, we have bounced back and forth between these companies. Please join us in prayer as we decide which company to use in the future. Thank the Lord with us that we now have more room to work in the mailing department since we were able to move into the addition some of the shelves and supplies that we previously had to have in this area. Please also thank the Lord with us for Sara Ooley who works about two and a half days each week in the mailing department.

    One thing you will notice in this area is that a good number of bags of mail are stacked up awaiting postage funds. This is a reminder to us of how we need the Lord’s provision month after month to keep the mailings flowing. Please join us in seeking His provision. Thank Him with us for all the friends who are already giving so that others may freely receive, and ask Him to raise up additional friends who can help His message go out through this ministry. Rejoice with us that over 100,000 pieces of Gospel literature are sent forth from the mailing department each month reaching many precious readers! Join us in giving special thanks for the materials that are reaching brothers and sisters in Christ who have little or no other access to such encouragement.

The Work Area For Volunteers

    The northwest quarter of this large room is where the volunteers work. We praise the Lord that they now have more room since we moved two shelving units from this area into the new addition. On one day a month this area is filled with volunteers who come to help fill envelopes for readers who receive multiple copies of the Herald. On several other days throughout each month, smaller groups of volunteers come to prepare mailings for readers who receive a single copy of the Herald. We appreciate not only the amount of work these friends do, but also their heart for the Lord and for you. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing upon them and upon each Herald they help send.

The Office Area

    In the southwest part of this large room is an office area with four workstations. Bookshelves create the north wall of this area and contain much of the Herald’s library. Our heart’s desire is to share "the finest of wheat" with Herald readers, substantive and anointed material from godly authors both past and present, and so we offer thanks for this library and other sources for His message. Please pray that in the days to come the Lord will guide this ministry to the material that will greatly benefit readers and bring glory to Him.

    Gayla Royer works in this area and her important responsibilities include bookkeeping, overseeing Herald International, overseeing Herald mailings, setting up Herald publications and serving as editor of Heraldo de Su Venida, the Spanish edition of the Herald. She is also usually the one who answers the phone when readers call. Thank the Lord with us for the skill, heart and care she pours into her work, and pray for the Lord to continually fill her with strength and wisdom. Pray especially that she will have discernment in her work with Heraldo de Su Venida, and that the Lord will provide all of the help needed (including translators and proofreaders) as well as the material for each issue.

    My wife, Gail, also works in this area and two of her main responsibilities are to read and respond to mail received from readers in the United States and to read and respond to the emails that readers send. Please ask the Lord to give her wisdom, anointing and strength in her work. She also travels most days to Seelyville to pick up the mail from our Post Office box there (the office is actually located in Brazil, Indiana). Perhaps you can imagine how important that trip is as the mail we receive is a vital link to all that this ministry is able to do. We thank the Lord for your gifts and encouragement! Your gifts are even more precious to us these days as shipping costs rise and economic conditions press on more people.

    As I think about the four computers in this area (along with the ones in the other offices), I cannot help but call your attention to the Herald website. It actually takes up no room in the Herald office since the Hammers, the dear friends who developed the website, maintain the server elsewhere. However, it is a wonderful addition to the Herald’s ministry as it benefits thousands of readers. If you have access to the internet and have not yet visited the website, I encourage you to do so at www.heraldofhiscoming.com where you can read various Herald materials and correspond with us.

    Next to this area is a room that used to be my office and the place for our main computer server and the printers that print receipts, orders and labels. However, as I will describe in a moment, my office is now in the new addition. So this room continues to house the computer and printers, and we also plan to put in a kitchen sink, a refrigerator and some cupboard space. This will be helpful for staff members who bring their lunch and also for serving beverages and refreshments to volunteers.

The Addition

    Well, it is time to take you on a tour of the new addition, but before I do, I want to share some information with you about the cost of the original building and the addition. In 2003, the Lord opened the way for us to buy the original building for the very good price of only $84,000. We rejoiced, and continue to rejoice, over the provision of this building because we not only purchased it at a good price, but the building is very economical to maintain and very efficient for the ministry’s needs. We began praying in 2003 that the Lord would help us pay for the building within three years to avoid an increase in the interest rate that was to occur at that time. We praise the Lord that in only two and one-half years, Herald friends had sent gifts to completely pay the mortgage!

    We had occasionally mentioned in the Herald the need for a small addition since we were really pressed for space in the original building. Some friends began to send gifts to help with the addition, and others offered to help build it. And so now the work on the addition is completed, and we only need about $10,000 to finish paying for costs involved with it, and for work we also need to do to the exterior of the original building. This includes putting on the same vinyl siding that we put on the addition (the current siding is a different kind of siding and is deteriorating), as well as doing some painting and putting on new guttering. With the Lord’s help, we hope to have the exterior completely done this fall.

    Now for the tour of the addition… We will walk back through the mailing department and volunteer area to the north end of the building and through the open doorway. This first room is 30' x 22' and will mostly be used for storage and as a place to unload and load Herald papers and mailings. On the left are are four large shelving units for supplies, Classic Books, extra supplies of Heralds, and other materials. Depending on when you are here, you may also see as many as 7 to 10 skids (pallets) of Heralds ready to be processed for mailing. This particular day there are also 3 skids of boxes of Heralds awaiting funds to be mailed outside the U.S. You will also see three old, but wonderful folding machines that help us fold about 35,000 Heralds each month. You may recall that the Lord, in answer to prayer, helped us make contact with a gentleman in Louisiana to obtain these machines that are otherwise very hard to find (we also obtained two other ones for parts). Please pray that the machines continue to hold up under the heavy use.

    The first room to the right (the southeast corner of the addition) is my new office, and I thank the Lord for the opportunity to move into a room that will provide a more private and quiet atmosphere conducive to my work. I ask your prayers for wisdom, guidance, strength and for anointing for my work including my correspondence with readers, my writing for the Herald, and my interaction with various people related to the operation of this ministry.

    We have set aside the room in the northeast corner of the addition as a prayer room. We are thankful to have this room as a place for staff members, volunteers, and others to come to meet with the Lord and to intercede for the Church, the lost, and the Herald ministry. We realize how vital prayer is, and we are blessed to pray for you, and we are thankful for those who pray for us and this ministry. In keeping with this, I hope you will take the opportunity to pray through the various requests I mentioned in this article, as well as other requests mentioned in this issue of the Herald, including the prayers for the persecuted church. As you pray for the ministry, I invite you to consider some excerpts from a prayer sent to us recently by a dear Herald friend:

    Dear Lord,

    Thank You for the years of Your keeping, guidance and blessings upon this ministry.
    Lay Your Hand and continue to fulfill Your mission calling through these paper publications in different parts of the world. Bless each publication.
    Prosper each passage of the Scriptures used. Anoint each message chosen for printing.
    Uphold the personnel whether in the management, editorial team or voluntary staff.
    Provide for the printing, paper, packaging and postage.
    Prevent each paper from being wasted or lost.
    Glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through each publication.
    Fully accomplish the divine purpose to each individual You have prepared the paper for.
    So direct each paper as an arrow released from the quiver of fasting and prayer.
    Prosper its task of revival for Your people and redemption for precious lost souls.
    Move this ministry ahead with its high and holy calling till You return for us.
    For Christ’s sake, in Christ’s Name and for His Glory alone. Amen.