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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I look forward to receiving Herald of His Coming each month and pass it on to my neighbor once I have read it.  Thank you for faithfully proclaiming God’s Word.  How we need it in these days where people have lost their love for God and His Word.  May God continue to bless the publication.

    Another writes: Thank you for sending a package of Herald of His Coming to me every month.  They are such a blessing and power in one’s life.  I send them to friends and wherever I can.  I am disabled and cannot get out very far, but I still manage to give them all out every month with God’s help.  Keep up the good work, and may God richly bless you.  He’s coming soon, so I feel the Word has to be sent out.

    And another: I cannot express enough how joyful it is to make contact with Herald of His Coming once again.  As a young Christian growing up during the early 1960s, it was my delight to read and be spiritually stimulated by the articles I read in Herald of His Coming.  The paper was a source of great help and nourishment to me.


    I just want to say a big thank you to Herald of His Coming.  Reading the Herald has restructured my biblical thinking and helped me comprehend the Bible better than ever before.  The Herald is full of valuable information and I take it all to heart.  Thank you for clearing up so many concerns I had and for helping me understand the Bible better.  Please continue to send the Herald to me.


    I am highly grateful to receive Herald of His Coming regularly.  I eagerly wait for it every month.  Once I receive it I begin to digest the spiritual manna and share it with my fellow Christians.  I extensively quote from the Herald and it is received well by the church.  Kindly continue sending the paper to me.

    Another writes: Thank you very much for sending Herald of His Coming faithfully to us every month.  We truly appreciate it.  The articles are really enriching, helping us to keep focused on our Lord and Savior and also to be in His will, to be in the true faith and above all to be ready for His Coming in the last days.  May our Lord bless all who invest time, talent and treasure for Him and His kingdom through the Herald. 


    Thank you so much for sending me Herald of His Coming.  I have been receiving this paper since 2015 and it has been an eye opener for me in the things of God.  It has helped me grow spiritually and helped me understand evangelism better.  I cannot express the joy I had when I received my first copy.  Some of the articles I cut and pin to the church bulletin board for others to read.  They also get uplifted by reading such a rich paper.  For myself, it has helped me also as a church leader and a preacher to share sound doctrine of Christ.  May the Lord continue giving you His grace to keep on sending out this Spirit-filled paper.


    The September 2019 issue of Herald of His Coming came at the right time.  I was experiencing dryness in my spiritual life and the article “The Glorious Filling of the Holy Spirit” by Andrew Murray revived me.  I was reminded of the ever-abiding presence of Jesus in my life through the Holy Spirit and how I need to continuously be filled in order to live an effective Christian life.  Even as I write now there is joy flowing from my heart because I have been refreshed by all the messages in the paper.  The article “Keep An Unclouded Relationship With God – At Any Cost” made me rethink my life and to do a lot of readjustments, including a prayer program to help put me back on track. 


    I am forever grateful for your kindness in continually sending me Herald of His Coming.  I have gleaned vast spiritual nourishment for my life and those around me.  I have been taught and encouraged to pray and to encourage many others on revival.  I have also come to know, through the printed pages, some of the greatest men and women who ever lived serving Jesus Christ our Lord.  Thank you very much.  May the Lord empower you more and more and provide for the ministry’s needs.

    Another writes: I want to inform you that I am blessed by Herald of His Coming.  It is an inspiring and encouraging paper that teaches me, reveals Jesus to me, brings me truth and helps me share with others.  May our Father bless you!


    Thank you so much for sending me Herald of His Coming this past year.  As always I love reading it and cannot wait to see each new issue.  Please continue to mail the paper to me in the coming year.


    Abia State: I want to thank all of you at Herald of His Coming for sending out this wonderful gospel paper to me and others.  Reading and applying the Word has been of great benefit to me.  Please continue to send this great literature to me. 

    Kaduna State: I want to thank God for all the blessings and spiritual uplifting that I have been enjoying from the copies of Herald of His Coming.  May the Lord continue to use the ministry to bless believers and to bring souls to the Lord.  There is an elder with whom I have been sharing copies with and he testifies of the blessing he receives from reading the Herald.  He is requesting for his own copy so please add the following name to the mailing list....

    Delta State: I want to express my gratitude for the issues of Herald of His Coming I have received.  They have been an instrument of revival to my spiritual life.  I long for more of it.


    Thank you so much for sending me Herald of His Coming.  I have been blessed for receiving it for at least 25 years and I still love reading it.  The articles in it just inspire me every day.  I feel so blessed!


    I just wanted to say that our family appreciates Herald of His Coming.  We receive one for ourselves and one to share.  I don’t always read them right away, but when I do I am blessed, edified, challenged, convicted and encouraged.  Thank you for providing this gem freely.  I hope that my little gift will help offset the cost and maybe help someone else to get it also.  May God richly bless the ministry as you serve His people!


    I am so blessed each time I read Herald of His Coming.  Please continue to do even more because what is presented in the paper is sound and it is changing lives.  I can testify based on the nourishment I receive.  It has caused a change in me, helping me each day to become more God conscious.


    Herald of His Coming always encourages me in the faith.  A few of my brothers in Christ here in our prison unit keep your staff in our prayers.  It has been a blessing to receive a newsletter that doesn’t compromise with the world’s values but teaches straight from the Word of God.  I pray many more doors will be opened for the Word of God to be preached.


    I thank God for Herald of His Coming.  So often it pierces me to the bone and also delights me in that I am again being taught and growing in my relationship with God.  His sanctification is what I desire.  …The April 2019 paper challenged me through the article “Seek To Be A Light In The World” by J. C. Ryle.  It rebuked me of a seemingly innocent pastime.  …I had been nudged before, but always justified it.  But then I realized I was not redeeming the time.  It interfered with my time with God.  And though it was innocent, it was replacing my love for God’s Word and prayer.  Thank God for His continued attention to my foolish distractions.  I am called higher.


    Many thanks for the blessings of Herald of His Coming!  Our ministry has been blessed considerably through the articles as they have given us a deeper understanding of the Word of God and His will for our lives.  We look forward to each and every issue as we prepare for the end times.  God’s blessings over all!