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Great Expectancy In Prayer

By T. Marshall Morsey

    “...Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom. 10:17).  The Word of God works upon our faith in this way:  It is in the Word of God that we read the great promises telling us what we can expect from God; having read the promises in God’s Word we ask with greater confidence knowing that He who is faithful has promised and what He has promised He is able to perform.

    In human relationships, knowledge of the one promising is a great factor in our expectation.  If a man who is well known to us, for his integrity and faithfulness, makes us a promise we have great confidence that he will do what he says.  George Müller tells us that one of the leading factors in the growth of his faith life was, that the more he read the Word of God the better he knew God.  This deep knowledge of God made George Müller a man of greatest expectation.  So he naturally received much from God.