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George Müller’s Life Of Trust (Part 5)

    Through faith and prayer George Müller was enabled of God to build an orphanage house in Bristol, England, to care for 300 orphans.  But scarcely had the house been opened, than the great need to care for more orphans burdened Müller to begin waiting afresh on God for funds to build a second, larger home to take in 700 more orphans.

    For nineteen months, Mr. Müller had been waiting upon God for building funds.  Almost daily he received something in answer to prayer.  These gifts, for the most part were small in comparison with the amount needed for the completion of the project.  Yet, they showed that the Lord was listening to his prayers and gave precious encouragement to him to continue to wait upon God.  He had been for months assured that the Lord, in His own time, would send larger sums for the work, and George began to pray more earnestly for these gifts.  How great was his joy when a gift made up by several Christians was given for over 8,000 pounds!  In response he wrote:

    “See how precious it is to wait upon God!  See how those who do so are not confounded!  Their faith and patience may long and sharply be tried; but in the end it will most assuredly be seen that those who honor God He will honor, and will not suffer them to be put to shame.  The largeness of the donation whilst it exceedingly refreshed my spirit, did not in the least surprise me; for I expect great things from God….”

Prayer Principles

    “We are richly recompensed for our waiting upon God,” Mr. Müller counseled.  “You perceive the readiness of His heart to listen to the supplications of His children who put their trust in Him…But in order to have your prayers answered, you need to make your request unto God on the ground of the merits and worthiness of the Lord Jesus.  You must not depend upon your own worthiness and merits, but solely on the Lord Jesus, as the ground of acceptance before God for your person, for your prayers, for your labors, and for everything else….

    “It is further necessary, in order that your prayers may be answered, that the things which you ask God should be of such a kind that He can give them to you because they are for His honor and for your real good.  …Lastly, we yet need to continue in prayer until the blessing is granted unto us.

    “It is not enough to begin to pray, nor to pray aright; nor is it enough to continue for a time to pray – but we must patiently, believingly, continue in prayer until we obtain an answer; and further, we have not only to continue in prayer unto the end, but we have also to believe that God does hear us, and will answer our prayers.  Most frequently we fail in not continuing in prayer until the blessing is obtained, and in not expecting the blessing.  As assuredly as in any individual these various points are found united together, so assuredly will answers be granted to his requests.”

    In 1852 Mr. Müller had the greatest trial of faith of the many that he experienced.  His beloved and only child became ill with typhus.  It seemed for a time that she would not live.  Though next to his wife, she was his dearest earthly treasure, he was kept in peace, for he believed that if the Lord took her, it would be for her best and for their best and for the glory of God.  God was pleased, after many days, to restore her to health.

    After further considering the second orphan house, Mr. Müller decided instead of building one large house, to build two smaller ones on the same property as the first.  This would enable them to house 1,000 children between the three.  What a joy when the second house was opened in 1857!

    At one time the boiler used for heating the first orphan house had a leak.  It was the beginning of winter and a cold north wind was blowing.  It would take weeks for a new boiler to be installed and Mr. Müller was concerned for the well-being of the small children and infants.  Mr. Müller entrusted the problem completely to God and arranged for workmen to come to repair the failing boiler.  He prayed that the Lord would change the north wind to a mild south wind, and that He would give the workmen a mind to work so the repairs could be finished quickly.  The day arrived and the boiler’s fire was let to die out so the work could be done.  As the hour grew late, the repairmen “had a mind” to work all night to finish the repairs and “all the time the south wind blew so mildly that there was not the least need of a fire.”

Moving of the Spirit

    In 1859 there was a noticeable move of the Holy Spirit among the orphan girls.  Sixty-three out of 120 were converted in one month.  Another time about 200 girls were stirred about their souls and most of them were converted.  In 1872 a smallpox epidemic took the lives of some children and some workers.  This began a work of grace in which over 700 orphans became believers in the Lord Jesus.

    As the years went on, God so prospered Mr. Müller that he was never again in dire straits.  As the third orphan house was completed in 1862, there was pressure to build more so that a total of 2,000 children could be accommodated.  A fourth and fifth house were later built, housing 2,050 children in all.  When it was difficult to obtain helpers to care for this many children, Mr. Müller and his wife began to pray three times a day for helpers instead of once a day as formerly.  God answered and the workers came.

    Visitors to the homes were greatly impressed with the cleanliness and order, and with the health and happiness of the children.  This was all the more remarkable because many of the orphan children came from parents who were not well and died early in life, and some of the children inherited weaknesses.

    Through the years, Mr. Müller personally owned no property and had no income on which he could rely.  His needs were provided by believers who sent gifts as he prayed for supply of needs.  Although he was a man of faith and a man who spent hours in communion with God, he was also a great worker and accomplished almost unbelievable amounts of work.  It was said of him:  “He prays as if God was to do all, but labors as though success rested on himself.”

    Through the years, he was blessed of God to give nearly a million dollars to missionary work.  Through the Bibles and tracts he distributed, many thousands of souls were saved.

    Mr. Müller attributed the remarkable success of the orphanage home and his ministry in general to his humble endeavor to “do the Lord’s work in the Lord’s way,” looking to Him alone for guidance and aid.  He proved that there is power with God through faith and prayer.

    – Arranged from the book, The Life Of Trust by George Müller.