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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Anambra State:  I have benefited much from Herald of His Coming.  It has brought revival to my spiritual life and has wonderfully quickened my prayer life by enabling me to know how to pray for revival.  From what I have learned in the Herald, my evangelistic life and Bible study have greatly revived to the glory of God.  You have been sending papers for my friends, prayer partners and me.  We look for it monthly and are grateful every time we receive it.

    Oyo State:  Once again I gratefully acknowledge receipt of a regular supply of Herald of His Coming.  The articles are being prayerfully perused for personal and ministry spiritual development.  Copies are distributed to district pastors, elders, deacons, students, libraries and others.  We will continue to pray for you.  May the Herald ministry progress till the end in Jesus’ Name!

    Lagos State:  I thank God for His wonderful work through Herald of His Coming.  It is heavenly focused, character molding and encourages godliness.


    I am so thankful to receive Herald of His Coming.  It really touches my heart.  I have realized so many things that I was neglecting as a Christian.  Often times as I am reading the paper I find myself repenting and see that I have so many things to change.  Thank you for all you do.  May God continually help and bless the ministry.


    I thank God for Herald of His Coming.  My soul praises the Lord whenever I receive the paper and I have been observing spiritual growth within me.  It encourages me inwardly to be more prayerful.


    Every month I look forward to receiving the next blessed edition of Herald of His Coming.  I read every article.  Thank you for the “prayer page,” it is good to participate in sharing prayer burdens.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  The articles in the Herald always touch me and change me.  In the February 2019 issue the message “Hard Places In The Way Of Faith” transformed me.  I always thought when one becomes a Christian the path becomes smooth.  The message in the article is helping me to persevere in my faith.  The article concludes with the words: “Hard places win for us eternal crowns.”


    It is with great pleasure that I write these few lines to thank you for faithfully forwarding monthly copies of Herald of His Coming to use at our church.  All who receive their copies express joy and thanksgiving for the difference it is making to their prayer lives.  They are also reading and studying the Bible.

    Another writes:  Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming.  I have received much encouragement and help in my Christian life.  The articles are refreshing and challenging. 

    And another:  Thank you for continuing to send Herald of His Coming.  The messages are always based on God’s precious Word and are a consistent encouragement to us.


    Greetings in the Name of Jesus.  Thank you for continuing to send Herald of His Coming.  It is so refreshing in times like these.  Keep up the good work....  Please continue to pray for the church on Saint Helena island.


    Thanks for your faithfulness in sending me Herald of His Coming every month.  May God continue to bless and provide so that these messages may continue to enrich people’s souls as we are coming to the end of time.  Thanks again for blessing me.


    I am grateful for the materials I have been receiving from Herald of His Coming.  They have been a great inspiration in my life in the areas of prayer and preaching.  Also my stand of faith has been very firm.  I still request for more copies.  I thank God who has enabled you to continue to be involved for His service. 

    Another writes:  I have been reading Herald of His Coming and the messages have acted as a spring of healing to my heart.  I am writing to let you know I need your prayers…I believe God will do something!

    And another:  Thank you for the regular supply of Herald of His Coming.  My home fellowship members have been greatly nourished spiritually through the articles in these papers and we still need them more and more.  I pray for the Herald to be blessed abundantly.


    Thanks so much for the wonderful messages in Herald of His Coming.  It has been a life changing experience ever since we started receiving these wonderful teachings.  God bless you.


    I first read Herald of His Coming as a young Christian in my teens in 1948 in Ireland.  Then in 1958 when I was in Brazil, I was glad to see the Portuguese edition and know it was a blessing to the pastors in those South American countries.  The Herald is a tremendous blessing and a challenge to me.  I always pass it on to another Christian brother or church.


    The articles in Herald of His Coming delve deep into God’s Word bringing out spiritual truths that shed light on my path as I walk with God.  I am strengthened and given courage to stand up for what is right when many have caved in to the anti-God culture of our day.  May God bless the ministry as it continues to declare and send forth the riches of God’s Word.


    I want to take the time to say I am so thankful for Herald of His Coming.  I would rather receive this paper than any secular paper.  The Herald helps encourage us in overcoming the world....  The messages are timely and more often than not, speak directly to me and where I am in life.  I remember as a young girl, my grandma lying in bed at night reading the Herald by the little beside lamp.  That was years and years ago.  …Thank you so much for your efforts to help us be ready for the coming of the Lord.  I do want to be ready!


    I am always blessed by Herald of His Coming!  This is particularly true of the May 2019 issue with its emphasis on holiness.  I experienced a personal revival reading and praying through the articles – praise God!  I also used it as the basis for my message in a local prison in June.  The Herald is a huge blessing!


    I have just discovered and read in its entirety your wonderful publication, Herald of His Coming.  Would you please be so kind as to put me on your mailing list to receive future editions of the paper?  I find myself in a very dark place for the next couple of years, and hunger and thirst for spiritual food such as this.


    I look forward to reading Herald of His Coming each month.  It inspires me to do more for our Heavenly Father.  I lost my husband last year and the reading has helped me and encouraged me in knowing I am not alone, that God is always with me giving me strength and peace of mind.  Thank you for all you do for the name of Christ!


    I want to thank you for sending Herald of His Coming every month.  It gives so much encouragement to me as I am homebound.  It seems like every message in the Herald is right on time and speaks to my spirit.  God knows what we need and when we need it.


    I can tell you that reading Herald of His Coming has convicted me many times.  I have been in tears, I have prayed, I have asked forgiveness.  I have been inspired, encouraged and energized by testimonies of others.  I know it is the Word, the Word of God which is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword…discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart....  Thank you so much.  Christ, our Lord is coming again!  Yes!!!