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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Enugu State:  Glory be to God for His sufficient grace upon Herald of His Coming.  This work must not die; it must be sustained.  If not for any other reason, but for the lovers of truth, and those earnestly contending for the faith and the glorious Second Coming of our King of kings and Lord of lords.  I need to continue in the truth more than anything else.  I have known the truth as contained in the Bible, but I have not been consistent, partly because of the many falsehoods being perpetrated in the world today in the guise of the Gospel.  Please, I need your support in reviving my Christian life through Herald of His Coming publications.  Please keep my name on the mailing list.

    FCT State:  Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming monthly.  My family and I have been richly blessed as it supports our daily devotion towards growth and in preparedness for Christ’s Second Coming.  Thank you and God bless you richly.


    I am writing to share my appreciation to Herald of His Coming for excellent work in training, equipping and preparing the church for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  The materials that are sent to me are of great help and value.  They have touched my heart and transformed me.  Praise God!  My life is changing.  I also distribute Herald of His Coming in my area.  It is always a great source of encouragement and faith building.  May the good Lord bless you and protect the ministry.


    Praise the Lord!  I was very happy to receive the January 2020 issue of Herald of His Coming.  For me this was an answer to prayer.  Just before I received the paper I had been reading my Bible and I prayed to God to teach me how to read the Bible.  An hour later, my dad came with an envelope addressed to me.  At once, I opened it and there was my first copy of Herald of His Coming!  I went through it, and there it was – “How To Read The Bible” and another article “How To Memorize Scripture.”  In fact, the whole paper is about the Word of God.  I truly thank God this came at just the right time!  If possible, can I get more copies to give to family and friends?  I will be very grateful. 


    Let me thank you for sending Herald of His Coming to me.  The issues have been very helpful, especially in my Bible study and in preparing lessons to teach at church.  I have really grown and helped others do the same.  In addition, copies of the Herald are part of my ministry library which I lend to different people who then are also blessed.

    And another:  I thank God for Herald of His Coming.  For sure I may not have known the working of God in my life without having read them.  Through them I can now understand who I really was, who I am now in Christ, and who God wants me to become in my spiritual walk with Him.


    My soul praises the Lord because of the word Herald of His Coming shares with us.  That word is powerful and it changes my prayer life every time I read it.  It encourages me to pray.  It has helped me become an intercessor praying for my family, my church and its leaders as well as the whole community.


    I am always grateful for your faithfulness in sending me the precious Herald of His Coming.  The issues continue to inspire and strengthen me in the things of God.  You are always in my prayers.  Please continue the good work.

    And another:  It goes without saying that Herald of His Coming is a great blessing to me.  I am always encouraged, challenged and strengthened, especially in my prayer life.  I continue to pray for you. 


    It is a privilege to write to Herald of His Coming and encourage you in the work you are doing for the Kingdom of God. Every article is so filled with inspiration and motivation to share the Gospel and to see people saved.  I am very happy to let you know that everyone I have shared the Herald with has given a very encouraging response.  Keep fighting the good fight of faith.  Keep pressing on toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  God will meet you at every point of your need.  He is a faithful God.


    Thank you so much for sending us faithfully Herald of His Coming for more than 20 years.  My mother started receiving it (she is now with the Lord), and now it continues to be a blessing for us.  Thank you for sharing the wonderful and deep, spiritual articles.  May God richly bless the ministry to continue to be a herald of His Coming!


    Herald of His Coming is my spiritual bread next to the Bible.  I repeatedly read and share the articles with my friends and family.  I am always filled with great joy and faith as I read the Herald.  It generates my appetite for prayer and reading the Bible.


    A few years ago a faithful prayer warrior sent me a copy of Herald of His Coming.  The articles I read were totally relevant to the valley I was walking through.  I knew this publication had to be a part of my life!  Some of the articles I have read have resonated deeply and have caused me to re-evaluate my walk with the Lord.  Other times what I read helps carry me over and through things I have been wrestling with before the Lord.


    Bless Herald of His Coming for its continued proclamation of the Coming of our Lord!  I so want you to know how great it is to receive the Sonshine you send.  In these days of darkness your rays of His love brighten my life.


    We are so thankful for Herald of Coming.  Living in a world that has turned its back on its Creator can grieve our hearts.  But then the mail comes and the Herald arrives bringing sound Bible teaching, testimonies, etc., that is true encouragement.  Continue on with doing our Lord’s work.


    What joy indeed is our experience in receiving copies of Herald of His Coming.  Each issue strengthens our resolve to continue as “soldiers of the cross, lifting high His royal banner, till every foe is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed.”  Oh hallelujah, what a Savior!