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The Holy Spirits Helps Us Pray

By Charles H. Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

    I am to understand from the expression, “praying in the Holy Spirit” (Jude v. 20), that the Holy Spirit is actually willing to help me to pray, that He will tell me how to pray, and that when I get to a point where I am at a pause and cannot express my desires, He will appear in my extremity and make intercession in me with groanings which cannot be uttered.  Jesus in His agony was strengthened by an angel, you are to be succored by God Himself.  Aaron and Hur stayed up the hands of Moses, but the Holy Spirit Himself helpeth your infirmities.

    My beloved brethren in Christ, the thought needs no garnishing of oratorical expressions; take it as a wedge of gold of Ophir and value it, it is priceless, beyond all price.  God Himself the Holy Spirit condescends to assist you when you are on your knees, and if you cannot put two words together in common speech to men, yet He will help you to speak with God; ah! and if at the mercy seat you fail in words, you shall not fail in reality, for your heart shall conquer.

    God never reads our petitions according to the outward utterance, but according to the inward groaning.  He notices the longing, the desiring, the sighing, the crying.  Remember that the outward of prayer is but the shell, the inward of prayer is its true kernel and essence.  If prayer be wafted to heaven in the song of the multitude, with the swell of glorious music, it is not one whit more acceptable to God than when it is wailed forth in the bitter cry of anguish from a desolate spirit.  That cry so discordant to human ear is music to the ear of God.

    “To Him there’s music in a sigh,and beauty in a tear.”

    Notice this then, and be comforted.