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The Holy Spirit Guides Us In Prayer

By Charles H. Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

    Should we not wait upon God in prayer, asking Him to reveal to us what those matters are concerning which we should plead with Him.  Beware of hit-or-miss prayers.  Never make haphazard work of supplication.  Come to the throne of grace intelligently understanding what it is that you require.  It is well with us in prayer when the Holy Spirit guides the mind.  Pray for that which God the Spirit moves you to pray for, and be very sensitive of the Holy Spirit’s influence.  We do not pray aright if we think what it is we want and wish for, and then ask for it in selfish willfulness; but we pray aright when we consent to that which is the mind of the Spirit, and speak as He moveth us to speak.  We shall be surely enriched with good things when we wait for the very matter of our supplications to have it all from Him.  Lord, teach us to pray.  Put Thou the thoughts into our minds, the desires into our hearts, and the very words into our lips, if it be Thy will, that so all through it may be praying in the Spirit and not in the flesh.