"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Your Almighty Friend

By Octavius Winslow (1808 – 1878)

    Because Jesus is the Almighty God, His people have an Almighty Burden-Bearer.  We are a burdened people.  Every believer carries a burden peculiar to himself.  What is your burden, O believer?  Is it indwelling sin?  Is it some natural infirmity of the flesh?  Is it a constitutional weakness?  Is it some trial?  Is it the loss of property?  Is it the decay of health?  Is it soul anxiety?  Is it mental despondency?

    Come, oppressed and burdened believer, ready to give up all and sink!  Behold Jesus, the Almighty God, omnipotent to transfer your burden to Himself, and give you rest!  It is well that you are sensible of the pressure, that you feel your weakness and insufficiency, and that you are brought to the end of all your own power.  Now turn to your Almighty Friend, who is the Creator of the ends of the earth – the everlasting God, who does not faint, neither is weary.

    Jesus, your Savior, Friend, and Brother, is the Almighty God, and will perfect His strength in your weakness.  The battle is not yours but His!  Jesus sustains our infirmities, bears our burdens, supplies our needs, and encircles us with the shield of His Almightiness!  What a Divine spring of consolation and strength to the tired and afflicted saint is the Almightiness of Jesus.  Your sorrow is too deep, your affliction too heavy, your difficulty too great for any human to resolve.

    Come, you who are tossed with tempest and not comforted.  Come, you whose spirit is wounded, whose heart is broken, whose mind is bowed down to the dust.  Hide for a little while within Christ’s sheltering Almightiness!  Jesus is equal to your condition.  His strength is almighty!  His love is almighty!  His grace is almighty!  His sympathy is almighty!  His arm is almighty!  His resources are infinite, fathomless, measureless!  And all this Almightiness is on your side, and will bring you through the fire and through the water.  Almighty to rescue, He is also your Brother and Friend to sympathize.  And while His Divine arm encircles, upholds, and keeps you, He is also touched with the feeling of your infirmities and yearns over you with all the deep intensity of His compassionate tenderness.

    – Adapted.