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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you so much for the Herald of His Coming which arrived this morning and I have just read through.  I am nearly 90 years old and am so grateful for the uplifting articles in the paper.  Once again, thank you!

    Another writes:  I am always thrilled to receive my copy of Herald of His Coming, but the December 2019 issue is filled with so much to inspire and awaken the “comfortable” Christians that I would like, if possible, to receive another 6 copies to distribute to some of my friends.  I hope that they too would sign up for this wonderful paper, so desperately needed in these days.

    And another:  I was introduced to Herald of His Coming by a dear sister who recently sent me a copy – what a blessing!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and was delighted to see I can view past issues on the Herald website (heraldofhiscoming.org).  Thank you and praise the Lord for this blessing at such a time as this.

    Another writes:  Thank you for faithfully mailing me Herald of His Coming.  We are very isolated at the moment and the Herald is one of the best things we receive to refresh us.  I pass it on to others.

    And another:  Yet again I have received wonderful, godly teaching in the February 2020 issue of Herald of His Coming.  Please send me 4 more copies of that issue as this work of confession and grace is so needed in us that we might, having obeyed our Lord, have power with God and man to preach the Gospel.  It is what I needed to recognize afresh the horror of sin and the need to act in repentance while there is time.


    Thank you so dearly for the package of Herald of His Coming that you have been sending to us for a couple of years now.  These copies reach more than 20 churches.  I distribute to church leaders and I have had a number of testimonies from them.  Other copies I share with students in the Scripture Union and many have had their lives changed and strengthened.  In my family, we share with my children before supper every day at the evening altar – times of worship, praises, reading God’s Word and prayer.  We are always praying for Herald of His Coming – that the loving Lord will bless and sustain the ministry.


    I humbly send my appreciation to Herald of His Coming for the issues received.  They were prayerfully distributed among different churches in our city.  Please continue to send the Herald to me whenever each issue comes out.

    Another writes:  Herald of His Coming has been helpful to my spiritual life as well as to the Body of Christ.  It is inspiring and reviving.  May Almighty God continue to increase His grace in the ministry so it is never weary in reviving, restoring, edifying and equipping the saints for Christ’s Return.


    Thank you for challenging me this morning in the September/October 2020 Herald of His Coming with the sermon, “Confidence and Courage in the Midst of the Storm.”  Going through a great storm in my life at this time, I have been emboldened to believe God all the more.  Thanks for this encouragement to declare boldly what God’s Word says about me, His child.  More grace to the Herald team!


    I am indeed very grateful for Herald of His Coming.  It has helped my spiritual life, especially at times when I have been totally down and helpless.  The parcel you faithfully provide is distributed with the prayer that the people who read the Herald will find it a source of spiritual blessing.  From time to time, I hear from brethren that the Herald has helped nourish their spiritual life.  Thank you very much.


    Herald of His Coming is an incomparable periodical of today which contains solid and healthy spiritual food authored by anointed servants of God.  I have been greatly benefited by the Herald which I cannot fully express here.  It is a great blessing to this generation.


    I bless the Lord for the great work done by Herald of His Coming.  I started reading it back in 1993.  It has been a pillar in my spiritual growth.  I have been inviting others to read with me.  Please add the following spiritual son to the mailing list....

    Another one writes:  I really thank God for Herald of His Coming and the good work it is doing in reaching different corners of the world with revival messages.  The articles have really blessed me.  Keep sending them to me.  They are fire flaming materials and I appreciate them.  God bless you as you keep the fire of revival burning. 

    And another writes:  I wish to thank Herald of His Coming for the issues I have continually received.  They are a ready source of spiritual nourishment and enlightenment.  Reading them again and again helps me get to know God and His goodness more and more.  May God bless you and enable you to continue with the good work tirelessly.

    And another:  Thank you very much for sending me Herald of His Coming after many years.  I was not able to contact you for a long time after I left the country.  I am back and ready to pray and support the Herald’s good work of building the Body of Christ.  The Herald has kept me going as an evangelist and teacher of the Word.  I am now teaching full time in my church.  I pray this is a new beginning for us as we witness for Christ.


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Herald of His Coming for its devotion to the work of God.  You have strived to keep the integrity and purity of the Word of God.  We are living in a world where the Word of God has been compromised.  The articles in the Herald publication inspire me.  As a pastor I am helped a great deal to fulfill my calling and be a better Christian.


    Herald of His Coming is a blessing to my soul and to those who take a copy from the bundle at the back of our church.  I thank you for all your hard and very fruitful work.  God bless you as you continue to put out the Word of God which so encourages us at church as well as those who receive it at our county jail.


    I cannot fully express the impact that Herald of His Coming has had on my growing in the knowledge of Christ my Lord and Savior.  The messages always challenge and encourage me to fully surrender my life to the One who purchased it with His blood.  The past couple of years I have sought to have an intimate, purposeful, powerful relationship with the Lord with whom I have an eternal hope and future.  Herald of His Coming plays a huge part in nurturing my faith.


    There are no words to express my deep appreciation for Herald of His Coming which speaks to my depths with every mailing.  I am so glad to be able to pray for all I read about, knowing that God does high, mighty and deep work worldwide wherever the paper goes.


    My wife and I so enjoy the articles in Herald of His Coming.  We note that so many of the articles were written up to 100 years ago (or longer).  It shows how far much of what is called Christianity has drifted.  Christ is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle.  We need to press toward the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus.  We need to be diligent to watch and pray.


    The articles in Herald of His Coming are an anointed and daily blessing for me as I include a passage or two every morning in my worship time with God.  We need daily reminders of God’s holiness and of Christ’s soon return so that we live in light and put away the works and belief systems of the world.  I praise God for all that He has blessed me with through this paper.


    I pray the messages in Herald of His Coming will be like light that dispels darkness, feeding faith and dispelling fear.  God is speaking loud and clear to the whole world, but especially to the church.  May we repent and turn back to Him.