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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Lagos State:  I really want to thank you for the valuable Herald of His Coming papers I get from you every month.  What a joy to receive these papers!  God has used the Herald as a source of encouragement and power to me.  My prayers and evangelism are not the same since I have started reading the paper.  Please join me in praying for my country Nigeria.  We are going through extremely difficult times spiritually, economically and politically.

    FCT State:  I am interested in receiving Herald of His Coming throughout my life.  I count it joy to go to the post office every month to receive this “manna.”  I have been blessed by your efforts.

    Abia State:  Thank you for sending me a package of Herald of His Coming for distribution.  The Lord used the Herald to bring me up in the faith as a new believer in the 1970s and then He made it possible for me to be a distributor.  God’s great hands will continue to uphold the work even until Christ’s Second Coming.  The saints are praying for you, those of us the Lord has blessed and who are still being blessed through the ministry.


    Herald of His Coming is spiritual food for me.  Please, please be kind enough to continue sending future issues to me.  May God bless your ministry.


    Thank you so much for the issues of Herald of His Coming received during 2020.  With so many restrictions to going out and about, it has been and is a great help to read and reread the good messages that strengthen and encourage in these difficult times.  May the Lord continue to provide and protect you who serve Him!


    We enjoy reading the articles in Herald of His Coming.  An American sister kindly introduced us to the paper.  In these strange times, we need believers’ help to keep our spiritual eyes on the true reality so that we can live and witness to the only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  God bless the good work.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for more than 20 years now.  Each copy has been so uplifting and inspiring.  Thank you so much.  May the good Lord continue to bless you.


    I write to say a big thank you for your invaluable continuous support to my ministry by sending me Herald of His Coming.  I have received enlightenment and education as a result of the literature.  The Herald is a resource I would recommend to anyone anywhere in the world.  I once again thank you and pray that God blesses the Herald ministry.

    Another writes:  Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming paper.  I have grown in my walk of faith and have been very blessed.  I also share what I learn with other brethren.  May the Lord bless you as you labor in His vineyard.

    And another:  Thank you for the Herald of His Coming papers I have received.  They have fed me the Word of God and ministered to me in many areas of my life.  They have given me hope in real life situations.  Please continue sending them.


    Greetings!  I am happy to receive Herald of His Coming.  It is our theological seminary as we do not have a Bible college in our town.  The Herald has become a great tool in my ministry here.  Thank you so much.  Keep up the wonderful work of God.


    Praise be to God for the Herald of His Coming papers I receive.  Thank you for preaching the Spirit-filled and anointed word that fills all the pages of the paper.  I pray that God will continue to provide and sustain the ministry and expand its horizons.  Glory be to God!


    Thank you for continuing to publish and send out Herald of His Coming.  Even though things in our world and in our lives change, God does not!  Praise Him for His faithfulness through these trying times.  He is the source of all comfort.  I have been reading the Herald for the best part of forty years and really enjoy the writings of the old saints.

    Another writes:  I thank you for your excellent paper, Herald of His Coming.  I have been studying it for many years.  The articles are deep and bring people deeper in to Christ.  I pray for the Herald ministry.

    And another:  It is a blessing to receive Herald of His Coming and read the wonderful articles compiled in this anointed publication.  It is such an encouragement to hear of the overcoming faith, prayers and steadfast love of the Lord that has been the testimony of so many brothers and sisters in Christ that have walked the narrow path before us.  It is also encouraging to read of those who continue to uphold, in all kinds of situations, the Name that is above every other name. 


    I would like you to know copies of Herald of His Coming are very much welcomed in our church.  It helps us to look up for our redemption draweth nigh.  Its messages point to the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It helps us to understand the importance of the Bible and helps us to grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Word.  Reading the testimonies of people from around the world reminds us we are brothers and sisters in the Lord and helps us to grow in faith and hope.  To God be the glory! We all are walking together in this pilgrim’s journey, and we will all meet together at the marriage supper of the Lamb!  Amen.


    A friend gave me a copy of Herald of His Coming.  When my mom saw it, she was elated.  I was not aware that my parents had received the Herald in the 1960-70s when we lived on a farm in Wisconsin.  She said the Herald had helped keep their faith strong during that time.  I love the depth of the articles and look forward to each issue.


    My husband has been reading Herald of His Coming in prison for many years.  I also receive and read them.  Praise God and thank you for the words of wisdom that encourage and prepare us as we wait for our Blessed Hope.  Thank you for being faithful in proclaiming the soon return of Jesus!  The Herald has timely words in such a time as this for those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. God bless you and please know that the Herald has blessed many in the prisons.  It is a sweet and great reminder that the King is near!


    I have read Herald of His Coming since about 1962 and have always found blessing, benefit and great encouragement.  Its messages have encouraged me to pray for revival and personal renewal, as well as corporate awakening among God’s people.  Please keep up the good work!


    When I started to read the January/February issue of Herald of His Coming, it amazed me how those articles and sermons written by holy saints of long ago apply exactly to the times we are living in now and meet the needs of our heart.  I praise God for the timely word and message He is sending to His church and the faithfulness of Herald of His Coming in printing and mailing it out.  Press on, dear brothers and sisters – the end is in sight!


    I am writing to thank you for sending Herald of His Coming.  God uses something in each issue to speak to my heart – sometimes for teaching, often for correction, always for encouragement.  I pass the paper on to other prisoners here in the hope that they too will be edified and encouraged.  At present we are unable to meet in our small group, making teaching resources like Herald of His Coming more significant than ever.  Thank you so much for the Herald ministry which helps me keep my eyes on Jesus.


    Thank you as you honor the Lord with the great messages in Herald of His Coming.  We praise God that He reigns as we pray and believe for His mighty works in answer to our prayers.  He is faithful and worthy of all our love.  We will never be able to praise Him enough.  Glory to God!