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Beware Of Light Thoughts Of Sin

By Charles H. Spurgeon

    “…Sin…exceeding sinful” (Rom. 7:13).

    Beware of light thoughts of sin.  At the time of conversion, the conscience is so tender that we are afraid of the slightest sin.  Young converts have a holy timidity, a godly fear, lest they should offend God.  But very soon the fine bloom on these first ripe fruits is removed by the rough handling of the surrounding world.

    It is sadly true that even a Christian may grow so callous that the sin which once startled him does not alarm him in the least.  Men get familiar with sin by degrees.  The ear in which the cannon has been booming will not notice slight sounds.  At first a little sin startles us, but soon we say, “Is it not a little one?”  Then there comes another, larger, and then another, until by degrees we begin to regard sin as simply a little slip up.  Then follows an unholy presumption:  “We have not fallen into open sin.  True, we tripped a little, but we stood upright in the main.  We may have uttered one unholy word, but as for the most of our conversation, it has been consistent.”  So we excuse sin; we throw a cloak over it; we call it by dainty names.  Take heed lest you fall little by little.

    Sin, a little thing?  Is it not a poison?  Do not little strokes fell lofty oaks?  Will not continual droppings wear away stones?  Sin, a little thing?  It girded the Redeemer’s head with thorns and pierced His heart!  If you could weigh the least sin in the scales of eternity, you would fly from it as from a serpent and abhor the least appearance of evil.  Look on all sin as that which crucified the Savior, and you will see it to be “exceeding sinful.”