"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

In “Christ Our Lord,” We Have –

A love, that cannot be measured,

A mercy, that cannot be told;

A wealth, that cannot be treasured,

A life eternal, that never grows old.

A purity, that knows no defilement,

A light, that never grows dim,

A forgiveness, that holds no resentment,

A holiness, that honoreth Him.

A righteousness, that cannot be blemished,

A joy, that has never an end,

A strength, that can’t be diminished,

A resource, that cannot be spent.

A peace, that’s beyond understanding,

A beauty, that never vains,

A glory, that knows no ending,

A hope, that never fades.

A faith, that all overcometh,

A courage, that speaks in the gate,

A meekness, no pride outrunneth,

A patience, taught to wait.