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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Kogi State:  No copy of Herald of His Coming ever gets old in my house.  I have just read an article in the May/June 2020 issue and was greatly helped.  The Spirit knows how to draw my attention to a relevant article each time I need help out of a storm.  Thank you for the copies you send me, the students in my school and some servants of God in the town.  May the Lord keep strengthening the ministry and meeting your needs in Jesus’ name.

    Rivers State:  I have always enjoyed reading Herald of His Coming for its effectiveness in renewing the mind and in preparing Christians for Christ’s imminent return.  Please increase the number of papers I receive to distribute.

    Niger State:  I bless the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for all He has been using Herald of His Coming to do.  The messages are timely and emphasize holiness.  The package we receive is shared among campus students, rural pastors and prisoners.


    I am very thankful to God for Herald of His Coming.  At present, I have been keenly reading the May/June 2021 issue which is really anointed and inspired me to press one step ahead.  The Herald ministry is life changing and soul winning.  Praise be to the Name of the Lord! 


    I am blessed by the readings in Herald of His Coming.  Thank you!


    Thank you for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming over the years.  I distribute the copies you send me among some of the leaders of the church where I pastor and to students of the School of Theology where I also serve.  The issues of the Herald are an invaluable source of spiritual nourishment.  Please continue sending my package to distribute.

    Another writes:  My pastor gave me a copy of the December 1992 issue of Herald of His Coming.  I was blessed by it, even though there were parts missing.  I would be very grateful if you could add me to the Herald mailing list to receive it regularly.

    And another:  Some of the messages in Herald of His Coming read like the author was within our community watching what is going on.  Surely, the world over needs revival, people need the Lord!  Keep up the good work.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for more than ten years and it has really blessed me.  It has been my source of prayer and meditation. 


    I am so thankful for the work of Herald of His Coming.  It is a great encouragement to me.  It is not watered down, but undiluted truth.  Thank you.


    Herald of His Coming is always a real blessing and encouragement to receive.  Even though some items may have been written many years ago, they are still as fresh and as relevant as when they were originally written.  Our copy of each issue of the Herald is read by a number of other people and only eternity will tell of the true scope of blessing and encouragement this publication brings.  Thank you!

    Another writes:  Herald of His Coming is a wonderful support in its sound Bible-based teaching and exhortation to pray and persevere.

    And another:  I really do enjoy the substantive articles in Herald of His Coming and I pass them on to others I think may benefit.  The Herald is a great encouragement in our journey of faith in the Lord.


    I kindly request that you add me to the mailing list to receive Herald of His Coming.  I am an active Bible study teacher in our ministry and I would like to use the Herald as a guide in my Bible study group and for soul winning.  I wish you God’s bountiful blessings!


    I wish to thank you most sincerely for the regular supply of Herald of His Coming.  I have benefited so much from this vitally important paper.  Many of my brothers and sisters in Christ have equally been blessed as I pass my copy on to them.


    I had opportunity to read a copy of Herald of His Coming the other day and it was too wonderful.  If you would send me a regular copy of the paper, I would much appreciate it.

    Another writes:  I would like to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gives Herald of His Coming strength, wisdom and courage to labor in His field.  Thank you for the good work you are doing in preaching the Good News through the paper.


    Thank you for the May/June 2021 issue of Herald of His Coming.  It arrived when I needed it.  Prayer is something I need to concentrate on more than I have.  I wish to continue receiving the Herald as it constantly challenges me to live for Jesus.


    I write to confirm that I would like to continue receiving packages of Herald of His Coming.  The Herald has been a blessing to me and to those I distribute the paper.  Please continue sending five copies to me.  God bless you as you labor for the Lord.


    Through the issues of Herald of His Coming that you send me, I have grown in the knowledge of God and developed a deeper understanding of my faith.  I write to say thank you for your continued support to my spiritual well-being.  May our good God continuously bless the ministry.

    Another writes:  I sincerely appreciate the many years I have received Herald of His Coming free of charge.  The messages in the Herald are inspirational, enriching and challenging to live mindful that Christ is coming again.  Thanks for the steadfastness in being a blessing to many people.  The five copies I have been receiving I distribute to others and it has been a great blessing to them as well.

    And another:  Thank you very much for the continued spiritual nourishment we receive through Herald of His Coming that raises us to a higher level with each issue.  I humbly request you continue sending me current and past editions, as they not only minister to me but to others who are thirsty for the Word of God.


    Herald of His Coming has touched me in such a deep spiritual way and God has used it often to remind me of His grace, mercy and faithfulness.  The Herald is a part of my daily study.


    Herald of His Coming has blessed my life in Jesus Christ and often brings me back to the foundation of what it means to be a believer in Jesus – what that looks like, sounds like – giving me direction on how I need to grow in my walk with God.  In an age where there is so much deception, distraction and fault finding with others without looking inward, even in the Body of Christ, my spirit is lifted when I hear the unadulterated teaching of Jesus Christ.  The January/February 2022 issue was especially helpful and challenging to my soul.


    I am reading the May/June 2021 issue on prayer and it is exactly what God has been saying to me:  prayer, prayer and more prayer!   It is the only way for opening the hearts of our family and friends to the Gospel, of moving God’s kingdom forward, and standing strong against the enemy.


    Thank you very much for sending Herald of His Coming as it greatly inspires and strengthens our faith.  Being incarcerated, the articles increase our hope as well as remind us to confess and repent of our sins.  The prayers included help us increase the truth and direction of our daily prayers.  Thank you again for providing all of this.


    Herald of His Coming is a great blessing.  My soul is fed by all the wonderful messages.  I am 86 years old and I have never seen our nation in such a crisis.  We need a great revival where people confess their sins and repent!