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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    What a privilege it is for me to write and let you know how much I appreciate receiving Herald of His Coming for so…oh so many years.  It has helped me to understand the times and season we are living in.  The messages stir my heart to want more and more of God’s Word in my life.  I have made up my mind to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for my life – not my will, but Thy will, O Lord, be done in me.  We are sailing through stormy weather.  Oh how we need Jesus more than ever!


    Thank you so much for the ministry of Herald of His Coming which is all the more precious as times become more tense.  Thank you for helping us to continue on in the faith that we have the weapon of prayer which is “mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds” (2 Cor. 10:4).

    Another writes:  I love Herald of His Coming.  For years I have been blessed and edified by reading the paper.  I continue to value each issue.  The Herald really strengthens my walk with the Lord and prompts me to be prepared for the Coming of the Lord.

    And another:  Herald of His Coming has faithfully lived true to its name – a true herald of Christ’s coming again.  A thank you to every single Herald worker whatever their part – for truly we are equal co-workers for Jesus Christ in an ever-increasing battle to speak God’s words of life eternal to all who would hear.


    Thank you for consistently mailing me Herald of His Coming.  The writings continue to bless not only myself but also those that I loan the paper to.  Please mail me two more copies for the purpose of distribution to fellow brethren with me here. 


    Lagos State:  I write to appreciate Herald of His Coming’s consistency, faithfulness, hard work and above all being there as an inestimable inspiration of great value.  Its been in my mind to help support the work, but have not been able.  However, be rest assured that God in mercy gives the grace to always remember you in prayers.  The Herald is so good.  I always look forward to the next issue because it speaks!  May the good Lord continue to meet all your needs.

    Ondo State:  I write to thank Herald of His Coming for the spiritual assistance you have been rendering me and my ministry, as well as other ministers that benefit from your Christian materials.  May our Almighty Father keep supplying all your needs to overflowing.

    Benue State:  I am grateful for the work of Herald of His Coming.  Each edition inspires me to pray more, work more, and evangelize more.


    Thank you so much for remembering me by sending Herald of His Coming at all times.  The Herald has been my daily manna and has transformed my life from grace to grace.  It has also been a blessing to my church members and to others.  Please continue to send the paper to me.  I always pray for you that God may richly bless you abundantly.


    I have been reading all the Herald of His Coming issues that you have sent for many, many years.  I share copies with my family and friends and we always feel blessed.  I also share papers with my church members and bishop.  Please kindly keep sending the usual package of Heralds that you have been sending.  The Herald is giving hope to many souls here in Zimbabwe.  If possible please send my daughter her own package.  She always reads and shares some of the issues that you send.  She will be grateful to share the Herald with her colleagues and friends.

    Another writes:  I send thanks to Herald of His Coming for encouraging my soul.  I enjoy every issue and am given courage even to stand in front of many people and preach the Word of God.  I have learned so much about being an intercessor.  God bless you all.


    I appreciate the great work of Herald of His Coming.  I have been receiving and distributing the paper for a long time.  The message conveyed has been a great source of nourishment and energy for the readers.  May God’s grace abound more as you keep serving Him.

    Another writes:  I thank God Almighty who has made it possible for me to receive Herald of His Coming.  The paper has helped me to grow and live out my Christian faith.  May God continue to bless those who work with Him to produce each issue of this wonderful paper.

    And another:  I thank God for Herald of His Coming which I started to receive in 1995 while in Saudi Arabia.  An Indian couple introduced me to the Herald by giving me a copy to read.  I am very grateful for the publishing of these anointed messages.  It was my monthly manna and helped keep me strong while I was in Saudi Arabia.  And you faithfully continued to send the paper when I came back to Kenya.  Praise the Lord!


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  It is a great blessing to me.  Please continue to send the paper to me which is very useful for my ministry.  I will continue to pray for the Herald ministry.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming paper.  It is an encouragement to righteous living, a comfort, a reminder of things already learned and always a teacher of something new to learn. 


    It has been over two decades since you first put me on the mailing list to receive Herald of His Coming.  I have received this most recent edition and I just cannot find enough words to thank you for the blessing each edition brings to me.  Thank you very much. 


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming paper.  It has always been a blessing to me, as well as, to my family and friends.  Thanks also to the partners supporting the Herald ministry.


    What a blessing Herald of His Coming is.  Truly the ministry prints the finest of the wheat. 


    Herald of His Coming is beautifully written – messages straight to the heart, proven by Scripture and encouraging the troubled in these disturbing times.


    Every article I read in Herald of His Coming brings me great joy and gives me a feeling of fellowship.  The prison I am in currently has no chaplain and there are no Christian services.  Please pray for me as I have not found any other believers to be in unity with.  I would love for my mother to receive this wonderful newspaper.


    I look forward to receiving Herald of His Coming every other month!  I read it from cover to cover and add the prayer requests to my prayer journal so I can pray more responsibly.  Thank you so much for giving this for free!  It is always a blessing!  So often the articles go hand in hand with what God is teaching me.  I hope to receive this paper until I go home to glory!


    I have been using older issues of Herald of His Coming along with the new ones for my quiet time with the Lord every morning.  I am passing the editions on to my pastor to encourage him.  I also leave some on the exchange table at our church.


    Thank you for the inspired messages in Herald of His Coming which continue to encourage and challenge believers, and present the Gospel to the unsaved.  We can see America’s godly foundation being attacked as never before!  But our eyes are on the Lord Jesus Christ who is our peace, joy and eternal hope.  Praise the Lord! 


    I am so blessed by Herald of His Coming.  The themes and articles are so encouraging and convicting that they help me to be walking closer to Jesus as the days grow darker.  I so look forward to Christ’s appearing and pray we can all be brighter lights in the darkness as we wait for Him.