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September/October 2023 Issue


Something From Heaven *
By Jim Cymbala
Faith In The Promise-Giver
By Charles H. Spurgeon
Prayer For The Spirit’s Presence And Power
By Rich Carmicheal
God’s Infinitude *
By A. W. Tozer
Fruitfulness Always Follows Fullness
By Fred D. Jarvis
Venture All For Christ
By Thomas Reade
A Revival Of Holiness
By Major Allister Smith
The Fullness Of God’s Love
By Adolph Saphir
Fully Alive To Christ’s Glory
By David Bryant
Our Lord’s Prayer For His People’s Sanctification
By Charles H. Spurgeon
Sanctified By The Word And Prayer
By Kim Butts
The Beauty Of Holiness
“Not I, But Christ”
By A. B. Simpson
Instantaneous And Insistent Sanctification
By Oswald Chambers
Christ – Our Sanctification
By Andrew Murray
The Man God Will Use
By Samuel L. Brengle
With All Thy Might
Andrew Stirrett:  Full Obedience And Entire Consecration
Be Watchful And Ready
By Lois J. Stucky
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