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March/April 2024 Issue


The Self Life And The Christ Life 
By Andrew Murray
Living For Him Who Died For Us And Rose Again 
By Rich Carmicheal
The Cross Precedes The Crown *
By Paul E. Billheimer
The Meaning Of The Cross 
By F. B. Meyer
Your Personal Revival 
By James A. Stewart
Christ Our Life *
By F. J. Huegel
The Throne And The Daily Walk *
By F. J. Huegel
Sit – Then Walk *
By F. J. Huegel
Raised Up With Christ 
By Andrew Murray
The Power Of The Risen Savior 
By Charles H. Spurgeon
Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory 
By William Hiley Bathurst
The Tests Of Obedience 
By J. Gregory Mantle
Just Keep Going 
By Dick Leggatt
John Fletcher: A Man Who Walked With God 
Days Of Prayer And Fasting 
Out Of Mail Box 279


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