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May/June 2024 Issue


Face The Future With Faith In God 
By W. C. Moore
Lift Up The Word, Light Up The World 
The Lord’s Personal Love And Concern For Us 
By Rich Carmicheal
Be Still, And Know That He Is God 
By Thomas Reade
Communion – The Basis Of All Prayer 
By S. D. Gordon
The Indispensable Word Of God 
By Andrew Murray
Preparing My Heart For The Day 
By George Müller
Discipline – The Secret Of Strength 
By Joseph Parker
Obeying And Praying 
By R. A. Torrey
Holiness And Prayer 
By Leonard Ravenhill
Ignorant Of The Bible – Impotent In Prayer 
By Warren Wiersbe
Prayer – The Greatest Ministry 
By E. M. Beyerle
Fasting Adds Weight To Prayer 
By Gordon Cove
With God All Things Are Possible 
By Brad Tuttle
Mighty Is The Power Of Prayer 
By E. M. Bounds
Prayer That Reaches God 
By J. C. Ryle
Roll Your Troubles On God *
By A. W. Tozer
Hearing God’s Voice 
By Charles H. Spurgeon
J. Hudson Taylor: In China For God (Part 1) 
By Andrew Murray
Going Into All The World By Prayer 
By Charlotte V. Barnum
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