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Songs In The Night

  By Charles H. Spurgeon  

    When you hear a man singing a song in the night – I mean in the night of trouble – you may be quite sure it is a hearty one.  Many of you sing very heartily now; I wonder whether you would sing as loudly if there were a stake or two for all of you who dared to do it.  If you sang under pain and penalty, that would show your heart to be in your song.  We can all sing very nicely indeed when everybody else sings; it is the easiest thing in the world to open our mouth, and let the words come out; but when the devil puts his hand over our mouth, can we sing then?  Can you say, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him”? (Job 13:15).  That is hearty singing; that is real song that springs up in the night.  

    Again, the songs we warble in the night are those that show we have real faith in God.  Many men have just enough faith to trust God as far as providence goes as they think right; but true faith can sing when its possessors cannot see; it can take hold of God when they cannot discern Him.  

    He, who can sing songs in the night, proves also that he has true love to Christ.  It is not love to Christ merely to praise Him while everybody else praises Him; to walk arm in arm with Him when He has the crown on His head is no great thing to do.  To walk with Christ in rags, is something more.  To believe in Christ when He is shrouded in darkness, to stick hard and fast by the Savior when all men speak ill of Him, and forsake Him – that proves true faith and love.  He, who sings a song to Christ in the night, sings the best song in all the world, for he sings from the heart.