"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Strong Faith Realizes The All-Sufficiency Of God

  By Charles H. Spurgeon  

    “…I am Almighty God…” (Gen 17:1).

    True confidence leans alone upon God who declares Himself to be Almighty God, or God All-sufficient.  All true faith hangs upon God, as the vessel upon the nail; strong faith realizes the all-­sufficiency of God, and that is the secret of its strength; the hidden manna on which it feeds and becomes ­vigorous.  The Lord is all-­sufficient in power to accomplish His own purposes; He is all-sufficient in wisdom to find His own way through difficulties which to us may appear to be like a maze, but which to Him are plain enough.  And He is all-­sufficient in love so that He will never fail us for lack of mercy in His heart or pity in His bosom.  God is God All-sufficient!  Simple as that truth is for us to speak, and for you to hear, it is a deep, unfathomable mystery, and did we really grasp its truth and dwell upon it, it would have a very wonderful effect upon our whole conduct.   

    This word may be useful to those who are trembling under some present temporal trial and affliction. They are dreading what may yet happen; forebodings of what may soon come are upon them.  Sometimes we have before us a gloomy prospect – we know the trial must come, and we are afraid of it – and though we have the promise, “In six troubles I will be with you, and in seven there shall no evil touch you,” yet we stand trembling (see Job 5:19).  “I am God All-sufficient”; will not that brace your nerves, and enable you to press on, though through a valley as dark as death-shade itself?  Why, what is it that you fear, O child of God?  There can be no lack which He cannot supply; no enemy that He cannot subdue! 

Inward Tribulations  

    The same may also be applied to each of us when we are under spiritual depressions.  Inward tribulations are frequently more severe than temporal trials; the man of God knows this full well.  We look within, and we see divine grace to be at low ebb with us; at least we think so.  Our corruptions and our natural depravity, these we see clearly enough, and we are troubled with the sight; neglect of duty, omissions of devotion, forgotten opportunities of usefulness all come up and accuse us; and then we are ready to doubt whether we ever knew the Lord at all!   

    And, perhaps Satan assails us at the same time, and we fall under his foot for a while.  O, let us not, even in such terrible times, ever doubt our God, for He is All-sufficient still!  If our salvation depended upon ourselves, it would soon be all over with us; but since it depends upon that arm, the sinews of which can never break; since it depends upon that heart which can never change, and never cease to beat with omnipotent love, why should we be discouraged?  “I am God Almighty,” says the Lord, “therefore say you unto the enemy, ‘Rejoice not over me, for though I fall, yet shall I rise again’” (see Micah 7:8). 

Troubles and Distresses  

    And suppose, beloved, you should have temporal troubles and spiritual distresses at the same time?  This meeting of two seas is very apt to make the mariner expect immediate shipwreck, but, behold, walking on the waters comes your God to you, saying, “I am God All-sufficient even for you.”  Was there ever a storm that was not of His brewing?  Therefore, cannot He control it?  Was there ever a spirit that came up out of the deeps of hell that was not of His loosing?  Can He not hold him in as with a chain, and restrain his malignant power?  Behold, Jehovah rides upon the wings of the wind, and the storm cloud is His car!  Fear not, therefore, the rattling of the wheels on which your Heavenly Father rides!  In the midst of the tempest, He reigns supreme!  Fear not the darkness which is His canopy or the lightning which is but the glance of His eyes; trust Him as all times, and let no fear cast you down or hurry you into an unbelieving and restless course of action which would defile you, and bring dishonor upon His blessed name! 

In Death and Eternity  

    Yes, if there are signs about you of approaching departure; if your body, weakened by long disease, is like a house that is ready to fall about the tenant’s ears; yet God, who is All sufficient here, will be All-sufficient on yonder dying bed!  He who has been Almighty in life will be Almighty in death!  Fear not that solemn flight through tracks unknown, or the awful appearance at the eternal throne; the God of grace is All-sufficient for all the mysteries of eternity.  He is All-sufficient for the thunders of judgment, the terrors of vengeance, and the dread of hell.  Fear not the crash of worlds when He shall bid them all dissolve! The ever-living Redeemer, able to save unto the uttermost, is All-sufficient to support your spirit when all created things shall pass away, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat; there exists not a conceivable ground of fear to the man who puts his trust in God Almighty! 

The Rock of Our Confidence  

    O beloved, set this as a seal upon your arm to strengthen you, and roll it as a stone upon the sepulcher of your doubts; never let them rise again!  If you trusted a puny man, you might doubt, but resting upon God, how can you be troubled?  If you relied upon changing humanity, if you placed your confidence in a creature that might love today and hate tomorrow; then indeed you could be unhappy!  But His love is everlasting, and His power endures forever!  Why, then, are you cast down?  You have built your soul’s hope upon the immoveable rock of All-sufficiency, and you shall prove the truth of that Inspired Assurance – “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name.  He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him:  I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him” (Psa. 91:14-15).  

    Why are you cast down, O my soul?  And why are you troubled in me?  Hope in God, and cease from trusting man whose breath is in his nostrils!  Then shall your light shine forth as the morning, and dew from heaven shall cause you to bud and blossom with joy and rejoicing.  Be glad in the Lord you righteous, and shout for joy all you that are upright in heart, for unto you has He spoken and given this for the rock of your confidence – “I am Almighty God.”