"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I give God glory for the blessing of Herald of His Coming.  Truly it is food for the hungry soul.  What a privilege to receive Herald publications and grow in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Thank you for building my faith and enabling me to share inspiring messages with family friends and prayer partners.

    Another writes:  It’s such a joy every time I receive my copy of Herald of His Coming.  I want you to know I share them with the ladies of the Women’s Ministry in our church.  We are planning to use the Herald to do Bible study.  The Bible-based teaching in the Herald helps us to grow stronger and closer to the Lord.  The testimonies of the lives of people published in the paper builds our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 


    I have just seen and read some of the things from Herald of His Coming.  I got really interested in it and found many things very helpful for my spiritual life.  I would like to ask to be added to your mailing list.  Thank you! 


    Please continue to put my name in your mailing list for this free subscription.  I have read this wonderful Spirit-filled paper for many years and my soul has been nourished by the teachings.  May the Lord continue to establish the work of your hands in producing this paper that it will bless many more hearts. 


    Thank you for continuing to send the excellent paper, Herald of His Coming – so full of gospel truth.  It always inspires me.  Every blessing in your ministry.

    Another writes:  We are so blessed and encouraged as we read Herald of His Coming.  Thank you for your “spot on” newspaper.


    I am amazed and thank God for the powerful word delivered through Herald of His Coming.  The very design, format and layout of the publication and the policy of no photos or illustration show that “God’s work, done in God’s way will not lack God’s provision.”  …May God bless all who have put their hand to the plough, those who give the “widow’s mite”, and all who pray.  Truly my burden of prayer and yearning for revival is sustained by reading the Herald. 


    I always thank God for Herald of His Coming.  It has trained me with the Word of God over many years now.  I don’t have money to support, but I ask God to give you long life, happiness, joy, knowledge and strength.  Herald material is spiritual food for my soul.  It keeps me busy learning and helps me be a good preacher and soul-winner.  I am thankful for the work in spreading gospel truth.

    And another:  Thanks so much for continuously sending me Herald of His Coming which has been a great blessing to me.  The Herald has been very inspiring to me and my church members.  May the great God continue to bless you for your love and care.


    EDO STATE:  I was once a regular receiver and reader of the monthly Herald of His Coming as far back as 2009.  Some of the copies you sent to me are still with me and I read them from time to time.  I also give some to persons who are wishing they could be having a regular supply of the Herald.  We have been greatly inspired by it, especially in the area of prayer.  Please, I would like to renew my name on the mailing list and receive the Herald again.  And I am including the names of some other people who are requesting it....

    ABIA STATE:  Thank you for sending to me issues of Herald of His Coming.  It has been a most refreshing and edifying publication.  I should be grateful for a continuous receipt of this inspiring paper.


    I am very grateful that I receive Herald of His Coming.  Thank you so much.  It is encouraging but also challenging to read concerning the absolute truth of God’s Word and its deeper meaning revealed.  It is a privilege to receive these anointed and blessed messages.  


    Praise the Lord!  The messages in Herald of His Coming are inspiring and uplifting.  I am spiritually enlightened when I read the articles.  God bless you for the good work.  I have so many people whom I give copies of this wonderful stuff so you can increase the number of copies you send me.

    Another writes:  I am a regular reader and recipient of Herald of His Coming since 1998.  It has incredibly enriched my life and ministry.  I serve as a part-time pastor while teaching in high school.  Recently I was transferred to a school where I am now the acting patron of the Christian Union.  I usually receive two copies of the Herald, one I now share with the Christian Union. 

    And another:  Thank you very much for sending us Herald of His Coming.  It is indeed much appreciated.  The pastors from the Bible School and the leaders find it very challenging and informative for their daily living.


    God has used Herald of His Coming to inspire me as a church leader.  It has filled my heart with a holy desire to love and serve God, to lift up the matchless name of Jesus and to be faithful to His church.   


    I wish to thank you for your continual posting of Herald of His Coming to me and to ask that you continue because they have helped me in my Christian growth.  I have also given some to others to read.  The following brothers would also like to be receiving the paper.... 


    I have received Herald of His Coming for some time now.  Thank you for such a commitment to have the Word of God preached to all the world.  I have been leaving the Herald in the public waiting room to my office as part of the literature visitors can interact with.  By His grace, I pray a harvest will come through using this means of sharing. 


    Thank you so much!  We are so grateful for Herald of His Coming and are moved by the Holy Spirit each time we read it.  It is soaked in His goodness.  We pray the Lord would continue to use Herald of His Coming to bring all glory and honor to His name.


    I love reading Herald of His Coming and appreciate that I can find past issues of the publication on your website.  I grew up reading these papers from my Mom.  The Herald has been instrumental in teaching me and encouraging me!  Thank you so much! 


    We are so blessed, encouraged and “stirred up” upon receiving and acting on the challenges in Herald of His Coming.  Thank you!  To God be the glory!

    Another writes:  I am most thankful for Herald of His Coming.  I enjoy this paper to the utmost.  It has been a great blessing to my spiritual growth.  I look forward to each monthly copy. 


    I am so blessed by the articles in Herald of His Coming – so in tune with the Holy Spirit.  May God continue to bless you and give the Body courage and endurance to continue to pray through to His glorious Return! 


    I just received my copy of Herald of His Coming and I can’t put it down.  It is like a fine dinner and I want to taste everything almost at once!  I thank the Lord that the Herald has been a powerful ministry in my life for over forty years. 


    Herald of His Coming is a refreshing and soul-stirring message in these perilous times we are living in.  Please keep getting the Truth out there. 


    I want you to know what a blessing Herald of His Coming has been to me.  The articles are a tremendous encouragement as many times it seems to be such a lonely walk.  But God is a faithful friend!  Many thanks.