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Out Of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Greetings to you at Herald of His Coming.  Thank you for my monthly paper.  I have been much blessed and gained help in understanding God’s Word.  I have been a believer from a teenager, but each year of my life, I have grown in Jesus.  Now in elderly years I am still growing and learning how great our God is.  Without Him we are nothing.  It is so needful in these terrible times when the evil one is doing his best to bring discord in every area of life.  We need spiritual weapons to combat him.  Revival is on the way.  I pray the Herald will catch fire with God’s message to the world.

    Another shares:  Herald of His Coming is such a challenging paper!  We pass ours on to other people who are very grateful to read such powerful truth.  May the Lord bless the Herald. 


    May our Lord Jesus and Almighty God bless the ministry of His Word through Herald of His Coming to many lands!  I am always uplifted, convicted and spurred on to growth through the articles.  They sure make long bus rides enjoyable – sometimes I come close to missing my stop! 


    Words cannot describe how deeply I appreciate receiving Herald of His Coming.  Pure, pure gold!  May God exceedingly bless you. 


    May the peace of the Lord be with you!  In our country, there is no freedom of worship.  The Herald of His Coming is a great privilege for us.  Not only me, but also many people read the one that you send to me.  Please keep sending me the Herald.  Thank you. 


    I am a slum pastor working among the poorest of the poor.  I am new to Herald of His Coming.  Kindly send me two copies.  One to read and another to give away. 


    Katsina State:  Thanks so much for responding to my mail quickly and sending a copy of this soul-enriching paper to strengthen me in a time as this.  The messages in Herald of His Coming are like a shower on dry land.  I have been trying to share it with pastor friends for I know it will do them good, too.  We have fifteen pastors in our association.  I would be glad if they could each get a copy.  I am sure it will be of great help to their personal life and ministry.

    FCT State:  Herald of His Coming is building my spiritual life.  The paper is a great wealth to my life and I will give my best to extend this light of truth to as many that I will ever have contact with in life.  I remain grateful and may God continue to prosper His works in your hands.

    Imo State:  For more than fifteen years I have consistently received spiritual nourishment through Herald of His Coming at no cost.  Most times I feel ashamed not to have contributed in any way financially, but I know everything the ministry has been doing has been of the Lord who performs it through you.  Otherwise it cannot be explained.  May the name of the Lord be praised forever and ever.  Thank you for laying for my life, and that of many others, a good foundation for the time to come.  May the Lord continue to provide for you immeasurably.

    Ekiti State:  Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  It is really helpful – like a compass – in getting back to the old time faith any time one is tempted to lose sight and derail.  Please keep sending it to me. 


    We want to thank you very, very much for the wonderful messages in Herald of His Coming.  We continue to distribute and share what you send to us and encourage people to request to receive the paper for themselves as sometimes we do not have enough to share with all who want a copy.  We pray for you.  Herald of His Coming helps us to live a life of separation from the world, and a holy life ready to be used by God.  Please continue to send the Herald to us. 


    I am so thankful for all the Herald of His Coming issues I have received.  My life is transformed and I am empowered.  What I have read is bread of life from heaven to strengthen, uplift, enlighten, nurture and mentor us in the things of God.  Truly all those that I have shared the Herald with have been built up in faith and zeal. 


    I would like to thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly.  I am very much benefited by reading it.  It has helped me grow spiritually.  I am always praying for you.  May God Almighty help you. 


    Thank you for the constant monthly suply of Herald of His Coming.  It has inspired and enriched my life and ministry.  It is a blessing from God.  Thank you for the good work.

    Another writes:  I have been a reader of Herald of His Coming since 1992.  I am what I am today because of the precious teaching I have continued to receive.

    And another:  Thank you for the issues of Herald of His Coming.  The messages are a blessing to me, both in my personal life and my ministry too.  I am seeing the need to read the Word more and to pray more as the Lord leads.  Please continue sending me the paper.  I am praying for you. 


    I am always thankful for Herald of His Coming.  I am in a remote area where there is no church and no brethren as well.  The Herald is my church and as I read it I feel at home.  It is my fellowship with the brethren. 


    Encouraging to my soul…strength to my soul…helps me to keep on going…always learning something new. 


    Every new Herald of His Coming we receive gives us more to pray for, to confess and to reach for.  I believe each one has a greater anointing.  Oh we weep over how we have need to be more for Christ, more for the lost, more for our families.  May God keep you faithful. 


    Thank you for the timely challenges in Herald of His Coming to keep our focus upon Jesus – our Hope and Peace during these tumultuous times in our country! 


    Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming very soon!  Alleluia!  Thank you again and again for sending Herald of His Coming.  I am sharing it with all our brothers and sisters in Christ.  I tell them that after they read it to share it with friends, neighbors, and people on the street. 


    I am writing to request that you keep me on the mailing list to receive Herald of His Coming.  I love it and receive many inspirations for prayer by reading it.   


    I appreciate Herald of His Coming very much.  It is a sound paper.  I am thankful it is all Bible-based and rich with spiritual truth.  I believe much wisdom and insight is gained through its messages, which enables us to live a victorious Christian life.


    I am so blessed by reading Herald of His Coming.  It is powerful, refreshing and encouraging.  I am praying for you all.  Please continue the good work.  Our Lord is coming soon! 


    I cannot begin to tell you how Herald of His Coming blesses us.  The truth and revelation of God’s Word is so great!  We long for the Word and knowing what it means for us.  I reread the last issue until the next one comes, as well as past issues, getting the Word into my spirit so it becomes a reality, a living Word operating in my life in the now.  There is power in God’s Word! 


    Thank you so very much for continuing to challenge the Body of Christ to pray earnestly for much needed revival in the church of America!  I love and appreciate Herald of His Coming so very much.  Please be encouraged.  The work is not in vain in our Lord Jesus.