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May 2018 Issue
We Must Turn From Our Sin In Repentance *
By Richard Owen Roberts

The Gift Of Repentance
By Rich Carmicheal

Repent And Seek The Lord
By W. C. Moore

Genuine Repentance And A Return To God *
By Henry Blackaby

Sin Is An Infinite Evil
By William S. Plumer

God’s Goodness Leading To Repentance
By Charles H. Spurgeon

The Peril Of Sin
The Obedience Of Christ
By Andrew Murray

Obedience – Chief Proof Of Salvation
By Joseph E. Harris

The Commandments Of Jesus
Marks Of A Godly Man
By Thomas Watson

Strengthen Your Prayer By Your Life
By Wesley L. Duewel

Prayer, The Proof Of Godliness
By Charles H. Spurgeon

A Prayer To Be Like Christ And To Live Ever For Him
By J. R. Miller

Godliness In The Home
By Charles H. Spurgeon

Your Family’s Victory Over Sin
By Kim Butts

Called To Be Saints
By Lois J. Stucky

Mary Slessor – Missionary To Calabar (Part 4)
Herald International – In Honor Of Brother A. O. Sanu, Humble Servant And Dear Man Of God
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