"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    Words can never express how deeply grateful I am for every issue of Herald of His Coming that I receive!  The articles are so powerful and bring glory to God.  It is like being in “Christ’s University,” taking us deep, deep into the Word of God.  The teaching on each page is priceless.  May God bless you all most powerfully and abundantly. 


    I am truly blessed by reading the ar­ticles in Herald of His Coming especially on the importance of prayer and the agony over lost souls.  The Herald has helped me through the years and I always encourage the believer to read it.  It is very encouraging and my prayer life has been stirred constantly. 


    I am still receiving my Herald of His Coming here and it is reaching tens more people after my reading it.  God bless you mightily for sustaining us with the unquestionable hope that you broadcast and the coming revival.  Please remember my family and me in prayer as we are unemployed and living only by the grace of God. 


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for about two decades.  I am so blessed by the spiritual truths that are stored in it.  I get nourishment for my spiritual life.  The articles are of great importance for the people of God who battle against the kingdom of Satan in this evil world.  It also equips me for the work of God in which I participate here in my local church, and it makes me come in prayer to God.  I wish the blessings of God be rained upon you in every respect. 


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming all these years.  It is such a blessing.  I am touched by the Holy Spirit through the messages.  I want to continue to receive the paper. 


    We thank you very much.  Herald of His Coming is helpful to thousands of brothers and sisters who are now in the Lord.  We continue to spread the Word of God to villages and remote areas.  Pray for us to overcome the challenges in the work of God.  Old men and women praise God that the Herald reaches them. 


    I cannot express the joy that fills my heart whenever I receive Herald of His Coming.  I always know that the Lord will speak to me through the messages in the paper.  I am especially blessed by the articles related to prayer.  There is a great demand for the Herald here.  There are brethren who feel they must not miss an issue.  Please never stop sending me copies.  The Herald is my Bible study tool.  I will pray to God to bless the ministry to help you to be able to continue to send the paper to the many thirsty souls.  We in the third world find it difficult to contribute financially to the Herald ministry, but we deeply pray for it. 


    I want to thank the team for faithfully sending copies of Herald of His Coming.  We have learned so much on how to teach our children to pray the Scriptures, and our parents are using these teachings to bring up their little ones in the way of our Lord Jesus.  Please continue sending more copies of the Herald as soon as possible as we are fighting against the devil in these last days.  We are standing on the eve of Christ’s Return – the Coming of the Bridegroom is at hand. 


    I have been receiving 20 copies of Herald of His Coming for about a year and distributing them to Christian ­workers.  The Herald has molded me and the brethren here.  It teaches us to pray and seek God more, and that the remedy for lukewarmness is revival.  That is why we are praying for revival.  The challenging messages of the publication have shaped my life and made me a better leader and overseer.  I am praying that the Herald may continue until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

    Another writes:  Praise God, my brethren.  God bless Herald of His Coming for the many years it has enriched the body of Christ.  It is not in vain.  We have grown through the many articles.  I give this paper to many pastors and brethren.  The messages on prayer, revival, and many other topics have been shared with the whole church so that it is well equipped to do the work of God and life has changed for the better.  Many church members have agreed with me that the Herald has a timely message.  We know this is the doing of the Lord and therefore we are careful to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.  We will continue to pray for you. 


    I thank the Lord for Herald of His Coming!  It is such a blessing, opening our hearts, eyes and ears to understand His Word.  I have received the Herald for many years and it has built me up in Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit.  To the Lord all the glory and honor.  I am so happy with the contents of the paper.  As far as I know there is nothing to compare with it.  Only in Jesus, by His strength, we will live the life He wants us to live. 


    We have been living in a remote area where it has been impossible to get to a regular church.  Herald of His Coming has been such an encouragement and a blessing.   


    Many thanks for the regular delivery of Herald of His Coming over the years.  We thank God for His guidance in selecting the best of Christian writings and teachings to encourage us and refresh our faith.

    Another shares:  I can’t thank you enough for the excellent teaching I receive from Herald of His Coming every month.  I really feel as if it is the Lord speaking to me from every page.  I am also very grateful for the reminder of the need for spiritual alertness at these critical times and the need to put passion into our prayers.

    And another:  Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming.  I read them and pass them out to others because it is time to get the Word of God out in whatever way we can.  Time is short!  If that is all we can do for Jesus, that is great.  He has done so much for us.  I pray that they will reap a great harvest.   


    I am thankful for the free paper, Herald of His Coming.  It has been a blessing to me and has helped me to grow spiritually as well as increasing my faith in Christ Jesus.  I pray the Lord will continue to empower you in Jesus’ name.   


    We have been receiving Herald of His Coming for a while.  We are so blessed by the messages.  We love that everything is based on the Scriptures and that you reference them.  We always pass the paper on for others to be blessed.  May God bless the ministry abundantly. 


    I look forward to receiving Herald of His Coming each month.  It blesses me, encourages me, gives me food for thought, helps me to grow in the Lord and gives me prayer requests to pray about.  I appreciate such a God-honoring paper. 


    Thank you so much for the monthly copies of Herald of His Coming.  It is always rich with revelation, the Word of God and practical ways to increase our spiritual walk with the Lord. 


    Herald of His Coming has truly blessed my life with the precious revelation of the Word of God.  It really increases my desire to share the full counsel of the truth of God’s Word.  My prayer for you all is that the Lord bless and continue to bless you now and in the days to come.  Love you all! 


    Thank you so much for sending me Herald of His Coming.  In each issue I glean deep truths of God’s Word.  The articles enrich my heart, soul and mind.  I look forward to each one.  Please accept this gift for the ministry for God’s glory, the salvation of many and the maturity of those whose hearts are hungry and open to God.