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Our Great Need Of The Holy Spirit

  By Wesley L. Duewel 

    “...be filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:18). 

    You are constantly in danger of forgetting how utterly dependent you are on the Holy Spirit.  It is so easy to forget what a divine, all-comprehensive, and mighty ministry the Holy Spirit desires to have in you and through you.  You cannot live for God or work for God without the enabling grace of God as ministered to you through the Spirit.

    Yet there is constant danger, even if you are a committed, spiritual Christian, that you will begin to rely on past experi­ences of the working of God’s grace.  There may be the constant temptation to rely too exclusively on essentially human resources, such as the assistance of fellow Christians or Christian organi­zations, or on your own methods and efforts.  There is even the danger of rely­ing on your own Christian experience or maturity.  Again and again you need to be reminded of your need of the Holy Spirit. 

Constant Ministry

    The Holy Spirit is so self-effacing in His ministry that you will often fail to realize the strength and extent of His working.  The Holy Spirit does, indeed, perform from time to time such miracles of grace and power that we are amazed, convicted, or overwhelmed by the sense of God’s presence and working; but, contrary to the opinions of many, the major ministry of the Spirit is not in the realm of the amazing and the spectacular.  The constant ministry of infilling, cleansing, anointing, empowering, guiding, and making fruitful is of even greater importance.  Without this ministry you cannot live the life of the Spirit.  If you limit this ministry by the attitudes of your heart and by inadequate responses, you remain weak, ineffectual, and largely fruitless.  Pray for, welcome, and submit yourself to the gracious ministry of the Holy Spirit. 

Victory and Radiance

    You need the Holy Spirit to enable you to live a life of victory and radiance.  The Spirit-filled life is possible only as He fills you.  Only then can He manifest His power within you.  Victory over temptation and the strength to be what you ought to be will be natural and normal to you only if He is Lord of your life completely.  The lordship of the Spirit is very real and is always manifest in the transformation and empowering of your life.  You need this indwelling of the mighty God, this transforming lordship, and this inner endowment. 

Effective Ministry

    You need the Holy Spirit for the effective fulfillment of your ministry.  God requires some ministry from those who have been born again.  Each of us is called to be a witness.  The Holy Spirit is the Great Witness.  You will not witness effectively by your life apart from His indwelling witness.  You will not witness effectively by your lips without the Spirit’s anointing.  Your Spirit-filled life as a child of God can be so Christlike, so beautiful, so holy, and so power filled that others will recognize that you belong to Christ.  The infilling fullness of the Holy Spirit must make a distinguishing difference in you as a child of God.

    Every Christian must witness with his lips; yet even without any verbal witness it is impossible for a Spirit-filled life to be hidden.  If you can live and work with others without their realizing that you are different in your inner nature and that you belong to Christ, are you really filled with the Spirit?  The Great Witness cannot be hidden when you are filled with Him.

    Some will be attracted to the Christian faith through you (even though they may deny this).  Others may be angered because they feel convicted by your holy, happy, Spirit-filled life, but they cannot help being impressed by it.  The tragedy is that many Christians are not effectively witnessing in this way.  Obviously they lack the full ministry of the Spirit.  The church and the world are waiting for you and me to be really filled by the transforming Spirit of God. 

Help in Prayer

    The prayer ministry that God expects from us is also impossible apart from the ministry of the Spirit.  Have you realized that on the Judgment Day you will be asked to give an account of how you prayed for others and how much you prayed for others?  Be sure of this:  You can fulfill this ministry of prayer in the way God desires only when you are under the complete lordship of the Holy Spirit.

    You need the Spirit to guide you so that you will know for whom to pray.  You cannot pray for everyone all the time.  Each day you will be selective in your prayers, for the Spirit of God knows who most needs your prayer at any given time.  Even when you use prayer lists, the Spirit may draw your attention to a particular name at the time when that person needs special prayer.  You need the Spirit to guide you when to pray.  You may be engaged in other activities, but the Spirit can guide you at the exact time your prayer is needed if you are Spirit-filled and sensitive to His leading.

    You need the Holy Spirit to deepen your love and earnestness so that you can pray with real concern and at times engage in what the Bible calls “wrestling” in prayer, or prayer warfare.  You need the Holy Spirit to give birth to true faith within you so that you can pray the kind of prayer that appropriates God’s promise and prevails until God gives the victory.

 Above All Other Needs

    There isn’t a day that goes by without your need of the Holy Spirit to guide you in what you say, in what you pray, and in what you do.  There isn’t a day that passes without your need of the transforming grace, radiant beauty, and mighty power of the Holy Spirit.  You and I need Him above all other needs.

    We need Him in our personal lives, we need Him in our ministry, we need Him in our homes, in our churches, and in all our organizations.  He is the One we need above all else.

    Ask, and He will be given to you (Luke 11:13).  Welcome Him, and He will work fully and freely within you.  Abandon yourself to Him, and He will take the entire responsibility for your life.  Obey Him, and He will anoint and use you.  He has been promised to you by God the Son;  He has been given to you by God the Father.  Oh, let Him come in, let Him fill you completely, let Him be your all.  He is God the Spirit.  He longs to meet all your needs.  He is your greatest need.

    Come, Holy Spirit, fill me more and more.

    – Quoted from God’s Power Is For You by Wesley L. Duewel.  Copyright © 1997.  Used by permission of the Duewel Literature Trust, Inc., Greenwood, IN.  Dr. Duewel’s books may be purchased by calling (317) 881-6755, Ext. 361.