"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Love Of Christ, Which Passeth Knowledge

   By F. B. Meyer (1847 – 1929)

    “The love of Christ, which passeth knowledge” (Eph. 3:19). 

    I would that thou shouldst hear the Bridegroom say to thee, “I love thee.”

    The whole wealth of Christ’s heart, the infinite wealth of Christ’s infinite heart, is thine today as though the sun should shine to light one firefly, or the Amazon flow to water the roots of one daisy.  Jesus Christ, who combines the sympathy and tenderness of man with the infinite capacity of God, loves the lowly, weary, sinning, worthless soul with all His force and gentle­ness and strength.  It passes knowledge, and yet we may know it.

    You may not feel it, but you must believe it.  You may have no responsive emotion, but that does not alter it.  The earth may wrap itself in clouds, but that does not affect the sunshine; and that you feel weary, depressed, sin-stricken, almost helpless, does not alter or affect the fact that the whole Deity is pouring out its tides towards you through the channel of Jesus Christ.  Is not that enough to banish loneliness, depression, and the fear of ultimately being cast away? 

Though God’s Love Passeth Knowledge, Yet We May Know It

    It is conceivable that a settler should receive many acres, and even square miles, of territory of which he knows but little in its whole expanse; but he may know something of the character of the soil in the few acres which he first enclosed and cultivated.  Cannot you see him arriving there?

    Selecting some corner of it, he will erect a shanty to shelter himself and his dear ones; and when he has done all he can in a few weeks of labor, he says to his wife, “Wife, I am going to survey our property.”  He climbs some mountain, and looks far away to the horizon, or the flashing waters of lake and river, and all is his.  How little he knows of the wealth of his estate.

    But presently he goes back and says, “Wife, we shall be old and grey before we know all that we possess in this place.  But we will begin to cultivate the ­little plot round our house, and every year put the fence further back, bringing the limit of our experience ever nearer that of possession.”

    So, men and women, we are settlers upon the continent of the love of God.  We only know a little of its coastline, we fringe its shores; but what the wealth of that continent is we shall never know, for it has no limit, no bound, no end.  Let us, however, follow on to know and enjoy this wonderful love.

    Perhaps there are men and women who are saying, “Well, well, my life has been so dreary, so perplexed, that I cannot think God loves me.”  I pray you remember a text which says that “we have known and believed the love that God hath to us” (1 John 4:16).

    Standing upon the granite block of redemption and providence, and the blessings which have come to our life, we must dare to face the inexplicable, the dark, and the mysterious; and reason that the pathway of love lies through these also, and when we have traversed them we shall look back on a trail of light.  The love of God has never once failed me, and though I cannot see it, or how that trouble which menaces me is consistent with it, it is only the text over again, “The love of Christ, which passeth knowledge.”