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October 2018 Issue
Prayer And The Coming Kingdom
By Dave Butts

God's Heart And Purposes For Israel
By Rich Carmicheal

Watchmen Over Jerusalem
By Andrew Bonar

The Jewish People And End Time Prophecy
By David R. Reagan

Israel: A Testimony To God's Faithfulness And Grace
By Horatius Bonar

Reasons For Hope *
By Joel C. Rosenberg

A Growing Movement Of Messianic Jews In Israel
Praying For Israel
By Dave Butts

The Salvation Of The Jewish People *
By Alan Shore

The Blood Makes Atonement For The Sins Of The Soul
By H. A. Ironside

Spiritual Fullness For Witnessing
By Lois J. Stucky

15 Ways To Make Prayer A Natural Part Of Your Everyday Family Life
By Kim Butts

The Friend Of The Senguele
Out Of Mail Box 279


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