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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you so much for Herald of His Coming.  The monthly themes are very inspiring prompts to pray more fervently for revival, for the persecuted church and for Israel. 

    Another writes:  Thank you for the deep and reviving articles!  Herald of His Coming is food in due season. 


    With a grateful heart I thank God for Herald of His Coming.  I want you to know that I do not take this paper lightly.  Every issue is filled with soul-searching messages to help me to grow closer to the Lord.  I believe that the Lord’s Coming is so near.  I pray that the world will take heed to the Word of God.  The trumpet shall soon sound and what a day that will be for us who receive Christ as our Lord and Savior!  


    Many thanks for sending me Herald of His Coming.  I really look forward to receiving each issue.  The paper helps me to pray for revival in my own country where there is much spiritual dryness.  Duncan Campbell wrote:  “Only God can make a community God-conscious,” and this is exactly what the Herald proclaims.  Prayer for revival is our only hope. 


    I have received a monthly Herald of His Coming for over seven years.  I am always blessed and my soul and spirit rejuvenated by the messages contained in its pages.  I pray that God will bless you all the more in the work to herald the Lord’s Second Coming.

    And another:  I praise the Lord for Herald of His Coming.  I am so grateful to God for the impact it has had in my life.  I have been receiving the paper since 1982 and I have always been blessed by its anointed messages.  They are very honest, direct and never compromising in ministering the truth.  Please continue to send the Herald to me. 


    Since I started reading and studying Herald of His Coming in the late 1990s, my spiritual life has been profoundly transformed.  The messages in the Herald are inspiring, thought-provoking and trustworthy.  In this era of humanistic indoctrination, impurities, unrighteousness, lukewarmness and adulteration of the Word of God, the church needs the pure and unadulterated Gospel.  The forces of darkness cannot prevail against what Jesus Christ accomplished at Calvary.  Keep up the good work of preaching and teaching the Word of God to all nations.

    Another writes:  Praise the Lord!  I thank Him for the work He is doing through Herald of His Coming.  I started receiving the Herald in 1996 and I have been inspired and uplifted.  The messages really drive me to search my inner being for real revival in my own heart.  I am encouraged and I in turn encourage others.  Know that you have our prayer support.  Continue sending us this precious gift. 


    Herald of His Coming brings messages which concern the central issues of faith, messages which come to us from no other source.  Every copy speaks of the reality of God, the authority of the Bible and the possibility of knowing the empowering of the Spirit to obey and to serve.  Thus there is the responsibility to pray for every facet of the production and distribution of the paper and for God’s preparation of people to discover it and read it.   


    Thank you for the five copies of Herald of His Coming I have been receiving monthly.  Words cannot express how I feel.  Everybody here is hungry for the Herald for it is so rich and unique.  The News and Prayer Briefs is the page I go to first.  Truly, we are in the last days – the whole world is groaning!  Please increase my package to ten monthly.  The spiritual hunger here has grown and ministry has expanded.   


    I thank God every day for Herald of His Coming.  Every message is like a sermon, effective and stirring my heart on to get closer to God.  I have read the September issue over three or four times, and I am hungry and waiting for October’s.  While waiting, I took out a past issue from 2016 and reread Ravenhill’s “Flame-hearted Men,” W. C. Moore’s “Hold Fast!  Pray Through!” and S. F. Moore’s “Wake up, O Church.”  I called out to God for grace to hold on, to watch and pray and to be fervent in it.  Jesus is coming soon.  We are truly in the last hour.  The Herald continues to stir and press me on in prayer for God to revive the church.  To God be the glory! 


    Kogi State:  Thank you so much for the ministry’s labor of love by the means of the monthly paper, Herald of His Coming.  I have been trying to make sure the thirty copies you send each month get to the people that will read and appreciate them.  I use the Herald as my devotional guide, reading the articles and praying during my time alone with God in the morning.  I am so glad to be one of those benefiting from the ministry.  May God continue to strengthen and encourage you by supplying your needs and upholding you all in the faith.

    Nasarawa State:  I thank God for the rich biblical material in Herald of His Coming.  The messages keep me on my toes spiritually even as we await His Coming. 


    The article in the November 2017 Herald of His Coming on getting up early in the morning to worship and be with the Lord was really encouraging (“Who Will Rise Early And Pray With Me?”).  Over a year ago I started dedicating an hour to worshiping the Lord, either when I woke up in the night or first thing in the morning.  Recently the Lord has directed me to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that head knowledge of the Gospel in this land will become heart knowledge.

    Another writes:  I am so nourished by Herald of His Coming.  Bless you for all the consistently relevant, timely messages that speak so eloquently to my personal issues as well as to the nations in this time we live in.

    And another:  Thank you for continuing to send Herald of His Coming and for the wonderful blessing of the messages.  They are so relevant to the times we are living in.  I feel our dear Lord cannot be long in coming back now! 


    I was excited to receive the November and December 2017 issues of Herald of His Coming recently.  The articles were heart-warming and inspiring to live the Christian life.  I was reminded about the implications of the Lord’s Second Coming.  God bless you! 


    Herald of His Coming has been a precious gift of wisdom, conviction and help in my walk with the Lord for about four decades.  May God continue to anoint the messages and Herald workers around the globe as we look for His return! 


    Herald of His Coming has been inspiring, challenging and convicting me for years.  It is one of God’s gifts to help me in my Christian walk and ministry.  Keep it up! 


    Our church has benefited more than words could explain from the messages in Herald of His Coming.  Each month there is so much meat for my personal stirring and for our church.  It tears up pride and self-sufficiency.  It keeps us grounded and looking to Jesus for revival.   


    It is with extreme pleasure that I write to you today expressing my joy over receiving my first copy of Herald of His Coming.  It was given to me by a shipmate while on deployment in the Middle East.  He has been receiving the paper for some time now as a gift from his family, and when he handed me a copy, I was elated.  I have enjoyed each page of this wonderful paper and have signed up to receive my own.  Be assured that I will be a longtime supporter and I hope to help other sailors receive their own copies.

    And another:  Every month we are encouraged by the messages in Herald of His Coming.  Thank you for pointing us to Christ and His hope.  The world is growing darker, but the Herald reminds us to stand firm in the truth of the Bible and His soon return for His church!