"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Ever since I started receiving Herald of His Coming, I have experienced revival and such an awakening in my spirit through which I have been walking daily conscious of the love of God for me and for the whole world.  I am reminded to live everyday knowing that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is soon coming back for His church.  I pray that the grace, mercy, wisdom, strength and peace of God Almighty will be multiplied to you.

    Another writes:  Herald of His Coming has been my teacher and through the revival teachings over 300 churches have been planted.  We are now in 21 days of prayer and fasting preparing for a coming outreach mission of bringing lost souls into the kingdom of God.  I express my gratitude and deep appreciation for the work the Herald is doing to awaken the body of Christ to the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


    We are so grateful for the ministry of Herald of His Coming.  The enclosed gift is sent with love. 


    Ekiti State:  My soul has been greatly blessed by the issues of Herald of His Coming I have received so far.  I want to thank God for the wonderful work He is doing through the Herald to prepare men for the end-time revival and His Second Coming, knowing that the end is near.  Keep sending more copies of the monthly issues to me.  It is life-touching.  God bless you.

    Oyo State:  I want to express my appreciation for the blessings I have received through reading Herald of His Coming.  Each time I have needed to be uplifted spiritually, I have been refreshed, rebuked or encouraged through Herald articles.  I am eager to receive more and to use them for evangelism.  May God continue to use the Herald for His glory. 


    I thank you very much for sending me Herald of His Coming every month for a long time now.  I must testify that God has used and is using the Herald to transform my life.  I read from it every day.  May God continue to bless you and give you more wisdom and inspiration to continue this wonderful work, as well as low mailing expenses so that these great articles will reach to all the corners of the world.  I want to assure you that you are in my prayers every day. 


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming.  I so look forward to receiving it.  The articles from God’s Word lift me up and encourage me.  It is such good reading.  I am praying for you. 


    Thank you for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming.  It has really edified and strengthened me spiritually.  Continue in that good spiritual work. 


    Through the years Herald of His Coming has been a source of encouragement and a powerful resource in my teaching and preaching ministry.  The messages are doctrinally sound and grounded on the Word of God.  Please continue sending the Herald to us.

    Another writes:  I am not able to express the blessing I have received through Herald of His Coming, but I say God bless you now and forever. 


    Please continue to send me Herald of His Coming as it is most uplifting and challenging.  I try to read as much as I can when it arrives.  Truly God-inspired. 


    Herald of His Coming material is a special help in changing lives.  It also helps prepare us for heaven.  I preach what I learn from the Herald and many lives have been changed.  May the Lord supply all your needs in Jesus’ Name.

    And another:  Herald of His Coming has been a great source of spiritual help – many souls accepting Christ, preparing us for the Second Coming of our Lord, and continuously encouraging us to pray for and win souls for Christ while we are waiting for His Return.  We pray that our Lord will continue to divinely provide for the work of His ministry.  We will continue to stand with you in prayers, fellowship and offerings for the glory of God.  Thank you so much, all you brethren working in the Lord’s vineyard. 


    I praise the Lord for the inspiring word we receive through the monthly Herald of His Coming.  I thank God tremendously for the immeasurable spiritual support to me and my family.  God has been encouraging me, even when my friends left me.  The Herald comforted me through sharing the Word of God.  We are part of a fellowship that are being blessed by the articles.  We have found that on many occasions the Spirit of God allows us to read something that speaks to the situation we are encountering in our community or church.  And I don’t know how many times a Herald message has been exactly what I needed personally for comfort, encouragement and strength as I went through trials.  We are so very grateful because here books are very expensive and scarce.  May our good God continue to bless Herald of His Coming. 


    Herald of His Coming is a blessing to me.  It is a teacher and an encourager especially concerning prayer.

    Another shares:  Herald of His Coming has revived my heart.  It is also useful when I conduct Bible studies.  I have been using messages from the Herald to equip those that I teach and they have expressed desire to keep learning from such a wonderful resource. 


    Thank you for the spiritual food in Herald of His Coming.  I am so blessed.  The Lord is good.  He is my light, my salvation, my strength.  I share my copies with others and I am praying the ministry continues until our Lord returns!

    Another writes:  We are blessed to be fed in soul and spirit by the teaching in Herald of His Coming.  Yes, Christ’s Second Coming is near.  Revival is the need of our day and our generation.  We are praying.  God never fails. 


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for over fifteen years.  It is a source of spiritual food for me.  Thank you for your faithfulness in sending the paper to me every month.   


    We appreciate so much the messages in Herald of His Coming.  How long will God put up with our lukewarmness?  Oh how we need revival in our nation! 


    The Lord bless you for all the deep and meaningful messages in Herald of His Coming.  As this world becomes more self-absorbed and foreign to us, we rejoice to hear from fellow strangers and pilgrims longing for a better land! 


    I deeply appreciate the ministry of Herald of His Coming, promoting revival worldwide.  The articles are excellent, biblical and inspiring.  May God continue to bless and use you for His glory. 


    Thank you very much for the deep, rich teaching in Herald of His Coming.  It always enables me to grow and walk closer in obedience to God’s Word and share the Gospel with grace and mercy. 


    I just want you to know that the timely articles in Herald of His Coming have so blessed my heart over these many years.  I am near 100 years old and I am looking forward someday to looking into your dear sweet faces and together looking into the face of the dearest of them all, our Lord Jesus Christ. 


    May the Lord continue to bless the very rich issues of Herald of His Coming.  The articles cover so many different angles and details concerning revival.  My prayer is that these articles are having impact and creating the hunger and urgency for sustained intercessory prayer for the revival that is so desperately needed.  I myself have been stirred to pray, repent and seek God.  I send copies to churches and pastors, praying that they also get stirred up and set on fire – revival fire!