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Leading Your Child To Christ 

    In these days of abounding evil, it is great wisdom to bring boys and girls to Christ at an early age.  Christian parents must be alert to the great privilege and serious responsibility of bringing their own sons and daughters to Christ.  There is no definite time or age limit.  A child is old enough to become a Christian when he realizes that sin is against God; that he, because of sin, is lost and needs to be saved; and that Jesus died to save him.

    Here are some guidelines offered by W. D. Hudgins, in the winning of a child to Christ:

    Realize that the child should be sought for Christ as early in life as possible.  When the boy or girl seems clearly to realize the difference between right and wrong, and is capable of real repentance toward minor wrongs in the home, steps can be taken to determine the feeling the child has toward sin and the Savior.

    Take seriously and take advantage of questions which a child asks about the Savior and the plan of salvation.

    Watch for opportunities and be ready to urge and accept a decision for Christ when the child shows anxiety to trust Him for salvation.  Be ready to help him or her to make a sincere commitment, in simple trust, to the saving grace of God in Christ.

    Be praying for the child and be on the alert for any indication of the convicting power of the Holy Spirit.  A child should never feel that there is “a certain age” at which he should become a Christian.  Parents should teach the truths about sin and the Savior, and when the Holy Spirit works in the heart of the child, then the parent may sympathetically guide the child to an acceptance of Christ.