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Taking Christ To The World Is Our Greatest Task

  By Fred D. Jarvis 

    As we look into God’s Word and read all its high standards and powerful promises, it is very evident that our Christianity today has little resemblance to Bible Christianity.  Most of us fall far below God’s standards and live far beneath God’s divine prescribed plan.  Most Christians are not full or overflowing.

    The Bible presents a picture of a conquering church, of witnessing Christians, of overcoming saints, of men and women who dare to do exploits, work wonders and remove mountains.  A life of daily victory, practical holiness, anointed witnessing and useful service is the attainable ideal of the Word of God.  The message of victory and power, of death to sin and self, of bearing the cross and walking in the Spirit – must be strongly stressed and constantly championed.  We Christians must be a reflection of Christ and not a reflection on Him.

    It is time for us to search the Bible and analyze our hearts.  It is time to claim our blessings, possess our possessions and move in the realm of the supernatural rather than the superficial.  Let us not be content with the status quo.  May God give us a new visitation from heaven!  May He fill us with His power, revitalize our faith and revolutionize our lives.

    Too many of us feel that we are rich and increased with goods and have no need of anything.  We know not that we are “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” (Rev. 3:17).  God hates lukewarmness, apathy and indifference.  Our churches are filled today with halfhearted, carefree, secular-minded, lukewarm Christians. 

Wake Up Now!

    The early church by contrast, soaked the sands of the coliseums with their blood rather than to compromise their convictions.  They preferred to face the wild and hungry beasts rather than to compromise their testimony.

    It is going to take a Spirit-filled, yielded and separated church to make an impact for Christ.

    We have a great Gospel!  We have a great God!  We must have great goals.  The world will never be won by halfhearted, complacent, cold Christians.  Organization is not enough.  It is not enough to plan and push and promote.  Decency is not enough.  Morality is not enough.  Ability is not enough.  We must have power!

    May God help us to realize that the hour is late, the need is urgent and the time is short.  May the old-fashioned truths of the Gospel grip our hearts today.  May we, like the early church, go out to turn the world upside down.  May God help us to increase our love, devotion and consecration to Jesus Christ.

    Let us tarry until we are so filled with fire, fervency and power that we will burn our way across the world and win the lost to Jesus Christ.

    It is time to gird ourselves for battle.  Bringing Christ to the world is no easy task.  It will take heroism, sacrifice, blood and toil, sweat and tears.

    Fulfilling God’s purpose must be our highest goal.  World evangelism is life’s most supreme endeavor and it requires a total surrender to God and a complete surrender of ourselves.  There is no greater task in all the world.  It makes the greatest demands upon our energies and efforts.  It demands our best, our all.

    It is not enough for the church to succeed in secondary matters.  Statistics are not enough, financial security is not enough, numbers of people attending church is not enough.  We must reach men and women for Jesus Christ!

    Let us go to our knees and then to the world.  Christ said, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matt. 4:19).