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Out Of Mail Box 279 

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    “I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure” (Psa. 119:162).  And so I have.  For almost three years, Herald of His Coming has brought me words to rejoice in, as well as to encourage and anchor me to all things Christ!  With all my heart thank you ever so much. 


    Akwa Ibom State:  I have been reading Herald of His Coming since my university days in the early 1970s.  Many decades later I am still winning souls, loving the Lord with a renewed first love and watching for His soon return!  It’s His faithfulness, exclusively.  For all this time I have been regularly receiving one copy each month.  In recent times, however, my ministry has enlarged.  The ministers within my sphere of influence are particularly desirous to receive Herald of His Coming.  I gave them old issues of the Herald – this publication is timeless.  They devoured them and asked me if they could receive them regularly.  I am therefore writing to prayerfully request that you increase the number of papers I receive each month.  I can give them out to these consecrated ministers in southern Nigeria who are “catching fire.”

    Oyo State:  It is my great pleasure to write to you with a heart of gratitude and appreciation to the Almighty God for the wonderful ministry He has committed into your hands.  Without a doubt, Herald of His Coming has been of tremendous blessing to me spiritually.  The various inspirational and life-changing articles have motivated me to be more consistent and productive in my Christian life.  The consciousness of heaven daily dawns on me and enables me to long for a deeper relationship with God. 


    I am in a new place – a village in one of the remote areas of Botswana where the Gospel is still scarce.  I am just settling down to start a new church and do gospel outreaches.  I am therefore requesting for a monthly package of Herald of His Coming and the Right Choice salvation heralds.  These will help me to start the work of witnessing and teaching, as well as, personal encouragement. 


    We are very blessed to receive Herald of His Coming and look forward to both the publication and His coming – which cannot be that far off!  ...We will continue to support and pray for the ministry, and share the wonderful articles we enjoy so much. 


    Thank you for the 30 copies of the January 2018 issue of Herald of His Coming that was received with heartfelt thanksgiving to God.  This morning I was given the privilege to share at our weekly staff devotions and spoke on the text of Hebrews 10:39 – “But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.”  The January issue on the theme of “faith” was most timely and providential as we took time to pray for the persecuted Christians in different countries (as provided in “News and Prayer Briefs” on p. 11). 


    Every time I read Herald of His Coming, I am lifted to a new plane and am greatly blessed.

    Another writes:  Thank you for Herald of His Coming.  It is always a great blessing and necessary challenge.  May our good Lord continue His bountiful blessing on the work and may it all be to His glory who loved us and gave Himself for us.

    And another:  Thank you so much for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming.  It is a real blessing to me.  I have introduced it to my friends who also eagerly look forward to its delivery.  I pray that each copy of the Herald will find its way into the hands of all those whose life God is wanting to bless in a special way.  The articles are so Spirit-filled as to be life changing.  May God continue to bless the ministry. 


    I was introduced to Herald of His Coming by a pastor who led me to Christ while I lived in Zambia.  I received the paper for 15 years, but there was a breakdown in communication with the Herald office when I retired from the Air Force and settled in Malawi.  Several months ago, I was at a sports ministry seminar and a saw a brother with a copy of the Herald and asked where he got this “weapon.”  He told me how he came to be receiving the paper, and I applied to begin receiving it.  The Herald has assisted me to remain firm in my Christian life and made me to teach and preach the truth.  My prayer life has benefitted in praying deep dedication prayers.  The Herald teaches the truth from the Bible.  I am requesting 10 more copies each month. 


    I was in the hospital for nearly all of two years.  During that time my copy of Herald of His Coming was brought to me and gave me much needed encouragement.  The work the Herald is doing is precious and greatly needed in these end times.   


    I love the Lord Jesus so much.   After reading Herald of His Coming for many years, I have been nurtured and cannot be moved by anything from focusing on my soon coming Lord.  I was blessed by reading in the February 2018 issue the portion that said, “why worry when you can pray.”  May God richly bless the work of the Herald, giving strength and providing for this wonderful work. 


    I was fortunate to read a copy of Herald of His Coming from a friend and was greatly overwhelmed by the content.  I, therefore, would like my name to be included in the list of those who receive the paper monthly.  May God bless you and continue to give inspiration to do His adorable will in reaching the poor in spirit with the Gospel. 


    It was a pleasant experience for me to read the two issues of Herald of His Coming that you sent to me.  It was marrow and fatness to my soul.  Consequently my mouth praises God with joyful lips.  I embrace you fully of thanks.  Looking forward to receiving the next issue.  Hallelujah! 


    The mother of a friend of mine put a copy of Herald of His Coming in my hand shortly before she went home to be with the Lord.  I have been in such awe of the depth, relevance and sobriety of the articles.  I gave the copy to my mother and she was overjoyed.  Apparently the Herald was one of the ways they had stayed encouraged in the Lord when they immigrated from Germany in the 1950s.  They had a hard life on their dairy farm.  Please add my mother and my sister to the mailing list. 


    I write to you today to express my joy over receiving my first copy of Herald of His Coming, given to me by a shipmate while on deployment in the Middle East.  I have enjoyed each page of the paper he shared with me.  Be assured that I will be a longtime supporter and I hope to help other sailors like myself receive their own copies. 


    Blessings and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  We thank God for the ministry of Herald of His Coming in these troubling times.  Thank you for “holding forth the word of life.” 


    Thank you!  The articles in Herald of His Coming continue to spur me on toward repentance, toward prayer and toward following Jesus! 


    I was wondering if I could get Herald of His Coming sent to me at my new address.  Praise the Lord my life of freedom began in jail through Jesus Christ.  He is teaching me so much daily.  I am involved with my church and helping to bring glory to God by being a servant in Christ doing worship at our local shelter.  I am blessed by the new life Christ has given me.  I did not have any programs in jail so the Herald helped with my studying the Bible.  It amazed me how it would go hand in hand with my Bible readings.  Jesus Christ is awesome!