"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

A Family Prayer For The New Year

By Henry Law 

    “We are permitted to see the dawn of another year.  Gracious Lord God, we assemble to commence it with You.  Length of days is not profit to us – except they are passed in Your presence, in Your service, to Your glory.  Therefore as a family we bend the knee, and implore, for Christ’s sake, that Your grace may precede and follow us, may guide and sustain us, may sanctify and aid us, through every hour which Your goodness may grant to us.

    “Grant that we may not be for one moment apart from You.  May we set You always before us.  Be ever on our right hand – so shall we not be moved.  Send Your Holy Spirit to supply our every thought, to speak in our every word, to direct our every step, to act in our every act, to prosper our every work, and to build us up in our most holy faith.  May we live each day with eternity extended before our eyes, viewing all things in its mirror, and ever listening for the chariot-wheels of Your returning Son, for the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God.  Grant this for Jesus’s sake.  Amen.”