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Herald International

Entrusted With A Precious Treasure

By Dale Crowley 

    We who have the name of Christ as our Savior and Lord have upon us this stewardship to fulfill all the words of the Great Commission.  But the fulfillment of this trust is utterly beyond our own ability to perform.  It is a kind of stewardship that cannot be accomplished without the compulsion of divine love.  It is not within our natural selves to exercise the spirit of compassion toward our fellow human beings to the extent that we will sacrifice, or even put forth the effort which is necessary to win them to a saving knowledge of Christ.

    For this reason the Apostle Paul emphasized the cardinal truth that it is the love of Christ that constraineth us (2 Cor. 5:14).  The conclusion is plain:  Our greatest need is to be filled with the love of God, for compassion is the love of God in action.

    We must therefore constantly pray that we may daily have this divine compulsion.  Within the heart and life of every believer there is the capacity for this divine motivation, and to each one of us the power of His love, producing this compassion to reach the lost, can be a living reality.  Only because of this overwhelming compulsion of His love have we been enabled to pursue our ministry through the years; and oh, how many, many times we have in this respect failed our blessed Lord!

    None of us can know how close we are to the end of this age, and to the time of our Lord’s Return.  It is ours to watch for His imminent appearing.  However, not knowing whether our Lord shall delay His Return, it is the business of Christian believers to fervently seek the evangelization of the lost.  Let us therefore pray to have more faithfulness, and more zeal, completing the work which He has given us to do.