"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for the monthly copy of Herald of His Coming.  It has helped me grow spiritually and given me courage to supply Gospel literature to unbelievers.  I have been reading the Herald for many years.  I would be grateful if you would send a copy of the paper to one of the ­spiritual leaders of our seminary.

    And another:  With my great joy, let me say thank you very much for the good news which I am getting from Herald of His Coming.  May God bless you for the good teaching which helps me know Him more.  Please continue to send me the paper.


    I would like to thank you for the Heralds you have been sending me.  I run a small Christian Information Centre.  The aim is to give an opportunity for people to access useful Christian literature which they otherwise could not access.  Where I live quality Christian literature is very expensive and at the same time hard to come by.  So we benefit greatly from the material.  Having the articles which you feature is sometimes like acquiring a book…a good number of people who visit cannot read English.  Even with them, we endeavor to share what we read in a way they can follow.  I pray that God will continue to supply all your needs so that the ministry can continue to reach more people. 


    I am receiving regularly Herald of His Coming and getting much spiritual life and knowledge from it.  This journal is really a blessing for each and everyone.  The articles published in it are knowledgeable about the Christian life.  In our country there is a great need of such literature.  I hope you will continue with this good work. 


    Thank you for sending me the Herald every month for many years.  I am very blessed and refreshed in my spirit when I read the messages and I receive much revelation and guidance.  Please continue to send the paper to me. 


    Thank you for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming.  I look to the articles as a spiritual library.  One time I read in a lesson by Lois Stucky to “not be conformed to this world” (Rom. 12:2).  The Lord opened my mind, and knowing Jesus has made me see everything in this world differently.  My wife and I are 88 years old now, but we never tire of serving the Lord.  We need more than ever to learn from the Bible and continue to renew our minds. 


    Thanks in a million ways for sending Herald of His Coming to me.  Every copy I read and share with my pastor and friends is a spiritual awakening for us as Christians and for the church.  Truly we are living in the last days and I believe our Lord’s Return is imminent.  Every message of exhortation takes me in a deeper relationship with our Lord.  I want to encourage you to keep on doing what God has commissioned you to do.  Your labor is not in vain.... 


    I thank the Lord for the opportunity to thank you for the work you are doing for Him through Herald of His Coming.  I am being blessed, encouraged, warned, admonished, equipped and revived.  May the Lord bless you all.

    Another writes:  God has been using Herald messages to enlighten me on some very important issues.  It is also God’s will and a blessing upon my life that He uses the paper to turn me on for His duty.  ...It is now 22 years since I received my first copy of the Herald.  I still treasure this God-sent publication.   


    I have been on the Herald mailing list since the early 1990s and I am very much grateful to you.  My growth in faith as a Christian can be attributed, by the grace of God, to a large extent to studying various Biblical teachings and articles published in Herald of His Coming and applying the principles learned.  I love to share copies of the Herald you send me. 


    Herald of His Coming is very essential to me and my ministry.  It is very helpful to weak Christians to strengthen their faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.  I pray and hope that our God, who is our provider, may supply the needs of this ministry. 


    Thank you so much for Herald of His Coming which arrived this morning, and I have just finished reading it.  I am so grateful to receive this paper as the teaching, etc., is excellent.  Thank you so much.

    Another writes:  I look forward to receiving Herald of His Coming every month as it is a great source of spiritual food.  The messages are relevant to the hour in which we live.  As Christians we must not faint but pray and watch for His Return.  Keep up the good work as we pray for each other.   


    Edo State:  I am happy to say that the parcel of Herald of His Coming has been received for this month.  These materials have been a source of blessing to me and members of my mission field workers.  I thank God for your teaching materials.  I would be grateful to your ministry if you could send me more teaching materials which will help me to grow from faith to faith, and give me more understanding in the Word of God which will help me be strong in the things of God.

    Rivers State:  Someone at my place of work gave me a copy of Herald of His Coming to read and I was so blessed.  I have never seen such content in a godly magazine all in one.  It was indeed a source of encouragement to my Christian faith.  Please send me two copies monthly for my pastor and me.

    Oyo State:  Herald of His Coming stirs me up, it challenges me, puts fire in my spirit for prayer, evangelism and holy living.  Indeed, the Herald continues to prepare the saints for the imminent coming of Christ.  I celebrate Christ in the life of everyone involved in this ministry.  May we run this race of life to the end faithfully as those who have gone before us....  We trust the Lord to help us win as many souls as possible into His kingdom in our generation.  May we serve and look forward to the Coming of the King! 


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming.  We have been blessed.  My life and the lives of those we share the Herald with have been changed over the years.  The very powerful messages are timely as we look forward for the Coming of the Messiah.  In this part of Africa there are too many cults forcing their false teachings on us.  But the Herald has stood firm on a pure, non-compromising message of the truth and always points us to Christ.

    And another:  Praise the Lord God.  The messages in Herald of His Coming are inspiring and uplifting.  I am always spiritually enlightened when reading the articles.  God bless you for the good work. 


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for the past 15 years.  I know how much the Herald has helped me to improve and develop my spiritual life and ministry, especially on my prayer life.  I am burdened to pray for Christians who are in great trouble around the world because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  The Herald, for me, is a prayer guide, a reference for knowledge and a sermon for spiritual life. 


    Herald of His Coming is priceless.  It is great encouragement as we labor and wait for our Lord and King.


    I have received so much encouragement through Herald of His Coming.  There are times I read the same things over again and I underline the things I need to remember and apply to my life.  The Herald articles keep me stirred up for Jesus and always point me to Him.


    Herald of His Coming has been a tremendous blessing to me.  The messages are always timely and relevant.  The revival focus is always a boost to any Spirit-led urge that we might have to pray.  It is also a source for information and inspiration for intercessory prayer.  Thank you for sending out this much needed publication. 


    Thank you very much for the Herald.  The message of revival is the only answer today – for the individual believer and for the church.  May God provide for your needs and encourage your hearts.  Jesus is coming soon!