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A Testimony To The Power Of Intercession 

    There was the day and hour when, as a missionary in Ecuador, I was given up for dead because of typhus fever.  The American doctor had stated that he could detect very little evidence of life, and had urged that the chairman of the mission immediately secure a coffin, and make preparation for the funeral service.  In the tropics one must be buried within a matter of hours.  A coffin was purchased, the elders of the little church were called to be the pallbearers, Mrs. Edman dyed her wedding dress black for the funeral service; then the Spirit of God put intercession upon a group of Christians meeting in a Bible conference in Massachusetts.  They had no knowledge of my need.  God gave them believing prayer.  I have met many in New England who have told me that, should they live one hundred years, they will never forget that all-day prayer meeting when intercession with tears and deep groaning was made.

    As a result of that prayer, there was no funeral service in Ecuador; the coffin was sold, my wife used the pieces of the wedding dress, then black, for other purposes, and I have had more than thirty-five years of “borrowed time” since then.  The Lord is good!

    –  V. Raymond Edman