"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Ministry Of Prayer

By Annie Lind Woodworth 

There’s a holy, high vocation
Needing workers everywhere;
‘Tis the highest form of service,
‘Tis the ministry of prayer. 

There’s no weapon half so mighty
As the intercessors bear;
Nor a broader field of service
Than the ministry of prayer. 

Do you long to see the millions,
Who are perishing today,
Snatched as brands plucked from the burning –
Do you long, yet seldom pray? 

Are you longing for revivals
In the good old-fashioned way?
We must use old-fashioned methods –
Which have always been to pray. 

Come and join the intercessors!
Laurels, then, some day, you’ll wear;
For there is no higher service
Than the ministry of prayer.