"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Under The Influence Of The Cross

  By J. R. Miller 

    O Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer, hear our prayer.  Lamb of God, who by Your bitter anguish redeemed us from eternal hell, have mercy on us, and bless us.  We adore You, we praise Your name, we worship You, Son of God, who sits and reigns with Your Father in the heavenly glory.  What shall we render to You for Your great love and Your infinite sacrifice on our behalf?  Your mercy is boundless, Your grace is beyond comprehension.  We lift our eyes to Your Cross this morning, for it was there You paid the price of our redemption.

    May there come from Your Cross into each of our hearts, as we bow here – a beam of Your love, which shall shine into the depths of our souls, and kindle an answering love which shall consume our whole being in devotion.  We desire to go all this day under the influence of Your Cross.  Help us to remember all the time that we are Yours, purchased by You, even at the cost of Your precious blood!

    Let us do nothing that will be unworthy of Your ownership in us.

    Keep our hearts pure, that we may see You with uninterrupted vision.

    Keep our lips clean, that we may speak Your name with reverence and worthy honor.

    Keep our hands unstained, that their touch may leave only blessings.

    Keep our lives unspotted, that wherever we go the light of Your holiness may shine in us.

    We ask You, blessed Redeemer, to keep near us all the day, and to keep us near to You.  There is no safe place in this world but close to Your side.  Hide us in the cleft of the Rock of Ages.  Wash away all our sins in Your all-cleansing blood.  Fill our hearts with Your Holy Spirit.  We ask all these favors and blessings, in Your precious name, Savior divine.  Amen. 

   – Taken from Family Prayers.