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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    My sincere thanks for the Herald of His Coming which continues to carry the undiluted word with such great impact.  I have been so blessed with this material and I want to share it with others.  We need such a word at a time like this.... 


    I received the October 2016 edition of Herald of His Coming in the mail.  It is really exciting to be on your mailing list.  Thanks indeed! 


    I just wanted to say that I am so blessed by the teachings that I am getting from reading Herald of His Coming.  I look forward to it each month....  I pass each paper on to others.

    Another writes:  I still enjoy reading Herald of His Coming.  It is so beneficial and applicable in living a life that pleases our Father in heaven.  As we press on toward the mark of our high calling in Christ, may the Lord bless the continued production of the Herald. 


    Thank you for such a Spirit-filled publication.  The Herald has been a blessing to the people to whom we minister in our village outreach.  It is a beacon of light as the darkness grows darker around us....   


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming for another year!  Please continue to send it.  There is so much to ponder over and pray about.


    Thank you very much for the timely messages in Herald of His Coming.  The paper has enriched my life and ministry and has helped me in my preaching.


    Thank you so much for faithfully sending a monthly copy of Herald of His Coming for years now.  The paper has inspired and revived my personal faith.  It has also blessed my family and others when we share in our daily evening family praise and worship sessions. 


    I am always blessed to study Herald of His Coming.  It has been a plate of spiritual food in this generation where there is a lot of teaching that twists the Gospel.  The Herald always challenges me.  I now can access Herald of His Coming on the website (www.heraldofhiscoming.com).  However, keep on sending the hard copies because I forward them to my twin brother who lives in a remote area and has no working postal address or access to the internet.

    Another writes:  Please continue sending me copies of Herald of His Coming.  It is a great treasure to me. 


    Thank you for the monthly Heralds I have been receiving during the last two years.  They are very inspiring and helpful!


    We really appreciate Herald of His Coming which has such rich content for people who are hungry for God.  You are in our prayers. 


    Thank you for the faithful mailing of the Herald.  The messages are anointed and of great help to my spiritual understanding.

    Another writes:  Over the years I have been encouraged and strengthened in my faith in Christ Jesus because of your faithfulness to send Herald of His Coming my way.  May the Herald continue to lift up the name of Jesus and to spread the Gospel throughout the world. 


    My wife and I always look forward to receiving our copy of Herald of His Coming.  It is a blessing to us.  I pray you will keep on publishing and reach more and more people. 


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming since 1997, just months after I gave my life to Christ.  The teachings in this rich paper have molded me and are part and parcel of what I am today – a teacher of the Word, a pastor and an evangelist.  I give glory to Jesus Christ. 

    Another writes:  I think of you always in my prayers that the Lord may continue to use Herald of His Coming to awaken the church in this crucial hour in which we live – an age of compromise and drifting back, an age of lukewarmness and forgetfulness of God’s mercy and grace.  ...Words will not tell it all of what the Lord has done and is doing through the Herald in my life as a pastor of a small village church and the ministry into which God has called me.  It keeps me on check in my spiritual progress, drives me to my closet for prayers to God after every heart-searching message, and challenges my approach to God’s work in ministry.  Thank you.

    And another:  The messages in Herald of His Coming are so encouraging, soul-searching and anointed.  I always look forward to receiving my copy every month.  I am so blessed when the messages are about prayer as in the November 2016 issue.  Please keep me on the mailing list. 


    I would like to express my appreciation to you for faithfully sending your publication to me.  Herald of His Coming has always been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. 


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming!  The Lord used the Herald to bring me up in the faith as a new believer in the ‘70s.  Now I am one of the distributors of the paper here in my country.  May the Lord uphold the work, even till His Second Coming.  Continue to send me my usual packages as the Lord provides you with the necessary finances.   


    Herald of His Coming has been a great blessing to me for at least 30 years.  May God continuously pour out His Holy Spirit upon you.  I stand with you in prayer for a mighty outpouring of His Spirit upon a needy church. 


    I am beyond grateful every time I receive Herald of His Coming!  Studying the contents is like searching for gold.  I prepare by praying first, and seek what the Lord is saying through the articles and the Scriptures.  I am blessed when I read this amazing “news” paper. 


    Our church members have received Herald of His Coming for many years.  Thank you for such a beautiful and power­ful publication.  We have a couple of new people who would like to receive the paper.... 


    Herald of His Coming is so full of God’s Word and His truth.  When the paper arrives in the mailbox, it is the first piece of mail I open most of the time.  I pass my copy on to my neighbor when I am finished.  The Herald gives me food for thought and encourages me. 


    Thank you for such powerful and enlightening articles in the Herald that encourage and motivate us to fight the good fight of faith.  How rewarding it is to read articles that push one forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ.   


    A copy of Herald of His Coming was left on the counter at our retirement home.  We became so interested in the articles and would like to receive the Herald regularly.  …We are looking forward to Christ’s coming and know we will meet Him soon. 


    Enclosed please find a small gift to assist with the ministry of the Herald.  The publication is a blessing to me.  The articles are uplifting and inspiring.  The News & Prayer Briefs are a useful reminder of the many people and situations that desperately need our Father’s intervention. 


    I so appreciate Herald of His Coming.  It is refreshing and encouraging.  I love it!  Being on a fixed income I can’t give much, but little is much when God is in it.  God bless you all and keep up the great work you are doing for the Lord. 


    Reading Herald of His Coming has prodded me to get up an hour earlier to make time for prayer.  I have known for some time that if I do not make prayer a first priority, it gets pushed aside.  But that just kept happening anyway.  So since January I have been getting out of bed an hour earlier.  Thanks again for all your work and for the admonishment to pray.